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April 14, 2023153 ViewsShesDoll

Now, I’m going to share a story, one customer that impressed me was Jasper.

I first noticed Jasper when he liked my sex doll pictures on Twitter for days. I sent a private message to ask him if he was interested in our sex doll. He said yes, and then said he loved our sex doll, but he didn’t have the money right now, and he wouldn’t buy it until he had money next month. I thanked him and said that if you want to buy it, you can contact me directly, and I will give him a discount.

Having said that, I didn’t really believe that he would buy it, because experience told me that US customers said they liked our sex dolls, mostly out of politeness, not to mention the current epidemic situation, the unit price of 2,500 US dollars is not cheap for them either.

But I didn’t expect that Jasper really came to me a month later. Instead of placing the order directly, he asked some questions about payment and shipping, saying that he would receive a sum of money the next day, and he would place another order by that time. I asked casually: Have you made a fortune? Unexpectedly, he also answered seriously.

But his answer made me regret asking the question a bit, because he said: Yes, the money for my drug test will arrive in the account tomorrow.

Watching his answer on the computer screen, I was as shocked as I was when I first saw those silicone sex dolls. I have come into contact with many sex doll buyers, and I have heard of the obsession and love of many baby lovers for sex dolls, but I never thought that someone would use the money for testing drugs to buy sex dolls.

Then we talked about why we like sex dolls, and I learned a story that was more shocking than trying drugs to buy sex dolls.

Jasper, 35, got his first silicone sex doll, second-hand, when he was 22. That silicone sex doll was from the best-known brand in US, and cost about $10,000 new and $2,000 used. But when the sex doll was bought, the skeleton was broken in several places, and there was no way to repair it. During this period, he raised the doll as a daughter, dressed up, and had to be powdered and cleaned at intervals.

The sex doll accompanied him for ten years, and then he went bankrupt and went to jail, and he gave the sex doll to a friend for a few years. But when he found the sex doll out of a friend’s warehouse, it was already mutilated, and even its limbs were missing.

Jasper speaks very sincerely, without any cover up about his downfall. In addition to the second-hand silicone sex doll, he now has two sex dolls, but they are all made of TPE. The service life of TPE sex doll may be less than a year, the smell is not good, and it is not realistic enough. He thought about selling these two when he has silicone sex dolls again.

After hearing all the stories about him and the sex doll, I don’t seem to understand why he bought a silicone sex doll even though he was trying the drug. He probably really wants to think of the silicone sex doll as a character that will stay with him for a long time.

Later, when he placed the order, I gave him a discount of $50 US dollars within my authority.

He said he would buy it in a month, and I said I would give him a discount. He did what he said, and I did what I said, and of course, we became friends.

(Note: The name Jasper in the article is just an alias, for customer privacy.)