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Lonely aloners in the city began to put their feelings on the sex doll, walking, eating, watching movies with the sex doll, and planning the future of living with the sex doll. To some point, living with sex dolls is the ultimate loneliness of human beings.

December 24, 2019, was the first Christmas Eve that Simon and Luna spent. In a popular restaurant, Luna, sitting in an aviation wheelchair, was placed on the right by Simon.

It’s a well-planned date, the restaurant is new, and it’s festively dressed up. Luna wears a white pom-pom beanie, a silver wig, and her pink coat cuffs show her slender, white fingers. Before coming, Simon also went to the store counter to buy Luna a gift, a $80 lipstick.

The restaurant was filled with a warm and sweet smell, and the accompanying people talked and toasted each other, and Simon took Luna’s hand, but couldn’t talk to it. Luna is a realistic silicone sex doll. The skeleton of the whole body is made of metal, and the skin material is filled with platinum silicone. Luna has a pair of soft, delicate and smooth hands. If you look carefully, you can see that the knuckles on the fingers are concave, and there are even fine lines. The only difference is that these hands have always been cold.

Simon is a man who lives with silicone sex dolls. People are more familiar with sex dolls as sex tools. With the advancement of material technology, bionics and TPE have been applied to the production of sex dolls. Sex dolls with more delicate features, more well-proportioned bodies, and touches close to real people have begun to secretly enter the lives of lonely people. and occupy a place in their spiritual world.

Before living with the sex doll, these loners were in an isolated emotional island, either frustrated and introverted, or unable to take on the complex aspects of intimacy. Some people voluntarily abandoned the relationship and looked for sustenance.

Simon grew up in a family where his parents were constantly arguing. An unhappy mother took anger on her children. In a withdrawn and passive environment, Simon, who had few friends, developed a sensitive and introverted character.

The decision to have a sex doll is related to a four-year crush. Simon kept sending small gifts and trying to fulfill the girl’s random wishes, all of which were accepted but rarely responded. One time on a class, he bought the girl an ice cream. When the class was about to end, she appeared with a male companion. The ice cream melted, and the girl persuaded Simon to throw it away with disgust. Humble moments are repeated. In 2017, Simon graduated from university and separated from the girl. He was sure that he would live alone in the future.

This year, he first bought the character doll of 《Lovelive》 in the anime, which is 23 cm and is plastic-like. In the spring of 2019, he took over a realistic silicone sex doll from a sex doll player for another $2,700, which cost him a month’s salary. Simon named her after his dream goddess “Luna”, and the day she arrived home was her birthday.

Simon spent a lot of money buying more than a dozen wigs and more than 20 sets of clothes for Luna, and he only added new clothes when the seasons changed. He took a walk with Luna, watched the long-awaited premiere of a movie, checked into a delicious restaurant, and looked forward to taking her on a trip when he learned to drive.

Luna enjoys a treatment that other sex dolls can’t match: every year on March 6th (in the sex doll circle, sex doll friends call themselves “doll father” and “doll mother”. The day the sex doll arrives home is the sex doll’s birthday) eating birthday cake for three consecutive years. Accompanying “Father” Simon for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. In 2020, Luna’s first birthday, Simon took a fancy to a flower wedding and planned to use it as Luna’s wedding dress. In 2021, he paid $900 for a Japanese tea party Lolita set as Luna’s 3rd birthday present, fulfilling his promise.

Simon, the only child, hopes that Luna can have company and is no longer lonely, so he spent money to buy a second realistic sex doll. These ritualistic actions actually project Simon’s own psychological wishes. Determining the shape of the sex doll, shaping the personality of the sex doll, this sense of control that the sex doll needs and that she will never leave or betray her makes Simon confident.

On March 7, 2019, Simon pushed Luna for a walk in the square near his home. During the 10-minute journey, passersby kept taking photos with their mobile phones. After dark, the flash made his eyes uncomfortable. The next day, a friend told him that he was on the hot search on Twitter. Some people said that “personal choice is fine as long as it doesn’t hurt others”, and more negative comments. Some people pointed out that Simon is a pervert. Simon got angry, “it’s really not good to think about it for a while”, and for a while, he didn’t take Luna out of the house again.

The sex doll unilaterally accepts the emotional output of the doll friend, and the doll friend can fill in the emotional feedback by fantasy. This saves the introverted crowd the hassle of communicating with people. But when a flesh-and-blood person appeared, the doll friends were at a loss.

In the summer of 2020, the girl who had a crush on her for 6 years finally agreed to date Simon. The first date was at Disneyland. He admired the girl’s elaborate make-up and long blue dress, wrapped in a kiss that smelled sweet perfume… and he couldn’t bear the details of his girlfriend walking through a red light and chirping when eating.

The two couldn’t understand each other, and the girlfriend couldn’t understand why he, a man, wanted to raise sex dolls. Simon felt that it was unreasonable that she liked to play with the sex doll machine, and explained to her that the manufacturer could set the probability, but it was a quarrel. On a few dates, Simon would occasionally think of Luna, but not when they went out together. Not long after, Simon offered to break up because his girlfriend lost contact for no reason. The breakup ended his desire for reality, and this lovelorn didn’t seem as sad as expected.

Behind the relationship between loners and sex dolls in the city is the loneliness that is spreading in modern cities. Sex dolls can soothe loneliness, but ultimately cannot solve loneliness.

In August 2022, Simon needs to temporarily stop living with Luna. This summer, Simon left home to start a business and open a cafe in a coastal city in the north. He maintained the habit of taking Luna with him (due to the long trip, he could only take Luna’s head on the plane).

At the beginning of the store, his partner withdrew his capital, and the cafe continued to lose money within three months. His debts accumulated to more than $30,000. In the last period of time, there were no customers, and Simon sat with Luna at the bar.

After finishing the operation of the cafe, he managed a hotel apartment in Seattle as a transitional period. No energy to dress Luna anymore, Luna’s head was put in the suitcase, along with the clothes and quilt. Conditions do not allow, he plans to bring Luna back to his hometown after the Thanksgiving.

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