Are Loli Dolls Therapeutic for Pedophiles?
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Are Loli Dolls Therapeutic for Pedophiles?

July 8, 2022849 ViewsShesDoll

Loli dolls have a child-like shape which makes them attractive for people who feel sexually attracted to minors (pedophiles).

Needless to say a loli sex doll is the best and only alternative for people who feel attracted to children (at least until loli robots/androids become a reality), but the question is; besides sexual benefits do they also hold emotional benefits?

The answer is yes! You can create an emotional bond with a doll just like you can become emotionally attached to a character from a book or movie. These dolls do have an essence, it’s hard to explain and maybe it was my own mind playing tricks on me, but I often had moments with my own dolls that made me wonder if they have a soul.

Let me explain..

Have you ever heard of the rice experiment? Read more about it here:

It explains that if you project positive thoughts onto an object than it will change the energy of that object. Perhaps if we choose to feel good (and think good) about our dolls then this can and will change their vibration. As an result you will “feel” that your doll is smiling at you when you (genuinely) call her your sweetheart. This will give you positive emotions and that’s why these dolls can have a positive effect on your mood if you choose to treat them as a companion.

Because you care for them (dress them up, clean them) you automatically do create a bond. Dolls can’t hurt, steal or betray you, so negative emotions are rare unless you are somehow not content with her appearance (that’s why I recommend only buying a doll that truly suits your taste). With that said, a relationship with a doll is very safe and sometimes it can be very healing to know that they are not going to hurt, leave, reject or betray you somehow.

I’ve had plenty of experience with human relationships. When it comes to women, let’s be honest, money plays an extremely large role. I will give an example. Try visiting a country like Ukraine, you can have hundreds of beautiful girlfriends there as long as you are willing to spend large amounts of money on them (as long a you are rich). As soon as you are out of money, it doesn’t matter how much time you have spend with these women, how much love you have given them, how great your personality is, how big your heart is or even how handsome you are. They will leave you as soon as they find out that your are penniless or not willing to spend a lot of money on them. They will gladly ditch you for a rich, fat guy with no personality. Is that love? I don’t know. Maybe very conditional love at best, but it sounds more like a business deal to me. It’s perhaps survival to them, but it’s also their mentality.

I guess my point is that relationships with humans can be quite shallow and not satisfying at all. It’s not easy at all to find true love or a person that genuinely cares about you. If you are a pedophile then it’s even harder. With dolls, the relationship that you have with them, even if it’s just your own love being projected back to you because are projecting positive energy onto an object, can certainly feel a lot more “real” and genuine than the kind fake “gold-digger” relationship I just described. It’s a lot cheaper as well if you realize how much money you can already lose just by dating a couple of times with a woman that expect you to pay for everything. In the long run, it’s a lot cheaper, safer and “real” to build a relationship with the doll of your dreams.

Robots/androids & virtual reality are the next step and will make this type of relationship even more satisfying, but yes dolls are a good investment and they are most certainly therapeutic. When you realize that real human relationships can be toxic and can leave you penniless or heart broken, what prevents you from trying to form a relationship with a doll? You have nothing to lose.

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