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March 9, 2023178 ViewsShesDoll

As time progressed, people’s ideas about sex became more and more open, and many people began to share their views and feelings. But in the end it is a small group, and although it can accept many people, it cannot share voluntarily. They still have to selectively avoid the unimaginable.

Current state of society

A decade ago, it was taboo, but love dolls have grown rapidly. When you talk about love dolls, you may feel embarrassed in public, but that is becoming a thing of the past. As they became more aware of the meaning of love dolls, many began to discuss this topic. Many people like to talk and share freely on the Internet, and are curious to see the change of heart after buying a love doll.

Many men are interested in love dolls, but they don’t make inquiries or look at the products they sell. Similarly related goods are stored in dark corners of the store and do not approach them at any risk. This does not mean that they are unwilling to search.

When they actually saw the love doll, they couldn’t accept it. Some people think that this kind of behavior is perverted, and many people do not understand it. Love dolls are abused by people in various industries, and although he considers owning them to be a mental illness, he does not admit that he secretly paid attention to them online.

Society is still in a very contradictory period. On the other hand, love dolls are increasingly known as a new phenomenon, and some people are aggressive. Many people think that these are very kinky and anti-human, or lovers who bought love dolls are also psychotics. Once, an industry insider exposed the existence of a love doll club to the public and made it public, causing many people’s thoughts and opinions.

Love Doll Club

There is a man holding a doll and holding signs here and there to take pictures, but many people think it is a personal act of someone who wants to be famous. According to officials, it is the “art of action” of members of one emerging club. Since all the members have love dolls, it is called the Real Doll Club.

Officials said he had been single for a long time, so he contacted club members and attended the event himself. However, out of disgust, extreme remarks against the club were also posted on several message boards.

“The club is small in size and has been established for a short period of time, it is a private group of singles who comfort themselves with love dolls and sign and manage themselves. The person in charge also regularly organizes various parties and temporarily belongs to a private organization. Club members are mainly singles who have come to the city to make a living, and may be divided into long-term singles, divorcees, and people with physical disabilities. Clubs are complicated because there is no clear society.”

“From what I came into contact with at the party, this club was like a great tragedy of our beautiful society. I considered them social losers. Some families are very poor, some people’s lives are too boring, affecting the appearance of the city, some people’s IQs are very low, they are deceived and fall in love, some people got married.”

Is Doll Club really a pervert?

There are many voices and voices in today’s world. Some support this act, but many still do not understand. This is because many people have traditional ideas and points of view that believe that the existence of dolls is an antisocial image and is unfavorable to the development of society. From their point of view, how does it fit into social norms? It is normal for ordinary people to find a realistic partner in society, get married, have children, and pass it on from generation to generation.

Having a doll means that you are away from tradition, and living with a doll does not fit the rules of society. So is that really the case? Why do we live in this world? What does it mean to us to live in this world? Of course for my own happiness.

There are many ways to look at reality, but we have to live for ourselves. Real dolls have an unparalleled advantage, and of course we want to spend our lives with good people. Like the LGBT group, we do not belong to this group, but at least we must give each other reasonable respect.

Everyone is an independent individual in society, everyone can freely live in this world. We are bound to too many extrinsic beings and cannot be more enjoyable. Real dolls are not like that. Many endure loneliness and loneliness. You also have to endure the strange nature of your partner. It’s hard to handle any unrelated responsibilities.

Buying a love doll is never a loser in society. Everyone lives in this world equally, and this group is the same. There is no difference between losers and successful people, everything is rational and feels is your needs. Whether you succeed or fail, if you can find solace in it, unhappiness will be far away.