Can Love Dolls Help a Marriage?
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Can Love Dolls Help a Marriage?

June 12, 2022616 ViewsShesDoll

We find often that many married men are uncomfortable talking to their wife about getting a sex doll. However, sex dolls can serve a very real purpose in a monogamous marriage. 

1. Difference in Sex Drive

Believe it or not, we have a fair number of females purchasing sex dolls for their husbands! The most common reason given above all else is due to difference in sex drive.

Many women have lower sex drives than their male counterparts after having children. Many husbands get rejected by their wives on a regular basis and begin to feel unwanted and frustrated. This type of situation is no one’s fault, but a difference in sex drive can certainly be problematic in a marriage. Some women are satisfied with having sex once a week or less and many males would rather it be 3 or 4 times per week.

A sex doll is a very good tool to diffuse this situation. If the husband can fulfill his needs with a sex doll when his wife is not in the mood it relieves the woman from feeling obligated to have sex just to satisfy her husband. At the same time the husband can fulfill his needs without pressuring his wife and feeling rejected.

We find that some people have concerns over whether using a sex doll is considered cheating or not. As real as these sex dolls look and feel they are simply a sex toy not unlike a vibrator or your hand.  

2. Spicing things up

After years of marriage things can become stagnant in the bedroom. Adding in a sex doll to the bedroom might be a good solution to making your boring routine sex interesting again. It’s also a good way to make things exciting again without one partner venturing outside of the relationship or inviting a third party to join in. 

Sex dolls do not come with their own set of feelings, preferences, or STIs making them safe and fun for everyone. Sex dolls also do not get pregnant. We realize that some see sex toys or dolls as a threat for a variety of reasons, however the idea is quickly becoming more accepted in this modern world.

3. Could Sex Dolls Improve Marriage & Longevity?

Some people out there fear that sex dolls or robots could lead to a decline in marriage rates as men may replace real human partners with sex dolls or robots. However, this is proving to be more fear mongering than anything.

So far, pornography and vibrators have not been a threat to marriage rates or human relationships. In fact, introducing sex toys into a relationship can be very healthy. For instance, having a sex doll or vibrator can relieve some of the pressure on the marriage. If sexual access through sex dolls and toys can help take some of the sexual pressure off of the marriage then the marriage can improve in other ways. We could just as easily see an increase in marriages and a decrease in the rate of divorces.

Sex dolls (like anything) can be a benefit to a relationship or a problem. It all depends on how you use it and how you communicate with your partner. We here are Safe Sex Dolls view sex dolls as a healthy way to improve the sex lives of couples and singles alike. We hope you will consider a sex doll for your life as they become more broadly accepted.