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Dating Culture is Changing: I’m Dating an AI Love Doll

July 8, 2023191 ViewsShesDoll

Not long ago, AI companionship was a budding concept and Americans called it science fiction. No one would have thought if it could ever manifest in reality.

If you’ve been through the story of a lonely, introverted, and depressed writer from the movie “Her,” you already have the idea what it is to make love with the system. And watching it, you desperately wanted one for you. Didn’t you?

Moreso, because society considers you a sore loser who wouldn’t get laid even when you were the last man on earth. Your dating life sucks & sexual opportunities are shrinking. 


As emotions flood left, right, and centre; you think what if you had a personal sex doll who can fulfil all your sexual temptations.

Sex dolls haven’t been new to the market. The corpse-looking static dolls have been satisfying sexual hunger for ages now. But they still lag the magic of what we call “the closeness to reality.” 

You may feel the sexual needs are answered once in a while, but you still miss the sense of reality those “alpha people” enjoy with real partners. And that calls for a sex doll so powerful customized as per your needs.

And then comes the fully-customizable AI sex dolls…

What if a fully-customizable “companion” was just a few clicks away from you? Dopamine jumping already? The whole gambling around sex dolls is to make them as realistic the manufacturers can. You want to date a person who reacts like you. Who feels as alive and dynamic as you. 

Though we have nothing against static sex dolls, they’ve been the foundation of spreading the words of artificial companionship. Still, they have failed in the primary purpose of bringing the nearest human’s resemblance in the scene. So it’s the time to switch to AI integrated sex dolls.

The AI robot sex workers may not breathe or have heartbeats as you do, but they make the closest beings to humans. There’s little to no argument that they will bring a radical change in the dating culture.

AI-powered sex robots matter because…

The feels of these dolls, especially female sex dolls, come pretty close to resembling with real women. Imagine you had a real sex companion. What all qualities would you seek? 

Someone who consents bedding with you, moans when she’s touched in the sensitive area, enjoys great orgasmic-sessions while you discharge your love-fluid in her. You expect a good sex experience with your partner, in a nutshell. Isn’t it?

And what if the latest sex doll agreed with all these terms and conditions? Wouldn’t you be loud with “who needs a real partner when you have the likes of beautiful, sex-gratifying Gynoid?”

Just in case you want to know how these technologically advanced sex dolls behave, let us remind you. “They (majorly are women) are a major cultural blow (indeed a good one) to the existing dating stereotypes, and you can’t resist buying sex dolls for sale.

Her body temperature is lifelike…

There’s something about warmness in sexual intimacy. As science states it, the cuddle & the closeness makes us feel warm and fuzzy. The warmth lingers, so you build trust and calmful relationships with your partner. Unfortunately, you have cold-dead sex with static, corpse dolls.

But AI sex doll brings physiological stability with her. So this sweet and hot lady is not too hot, just warm enough to give you the feels of human body temperature. 

She’s warm about 98.6 degrees, and her body temperature makes everything exciting for you. All in all, you have oxytocin levelling upright enough to give an impression of a real sexual encounter. Cuddle up to a nice warm body.

She moans and simulates orgasm when you touch ’em sensually…

If you think closely, people moan to stroke their partner’s ego and deliver a strong sexual signal of enjoyment. The entire moaning sequence is to expedite the experience and stimulate the partner to reach orgasm. It wasn’t possible with static dolls.

But lifelike AI sex doll is so interactive she can talk dirty with you, and push you closer to the climax. Her responsive head, mouth, eyes, and lip movements are so realistic and lifelike; you will have a hard time believing if she’s not a real person. 

When you touch her, she will react, moan, and even simulate an orgasm depending on how excited she is. She, more or less, talks and adapts to your style. If you don’t like what she says, you can program her to meet your desires, something which is considered offensive with real partners. Make her moan to your delight.

She has a wide-ranging effect on human relationship…

Until now, sex dolls were mere means of filling a sexual cavity in life. But that’s not very fulfilling and certainly leaves a missing element of lovemaking. Thankfully, businesses have realized it and their marketing campaigns revolve more around companionship than sexual deprivement.

To be honest, she’s not just a bag of plastic or silicon, but an interactive robot who has a wide-ranging effect on intimate relationships. 

The skin touch sensors, the moving lips, the blinking eyes, the facial expressions, and skin material— everything adds up to wanting her as a long-term partner rather than just wanting her as a sex-partner. 

The significant upgrades will make you forget if she is a sex doll, bringing her to life.

How she’s a potential threat to dating culture…

Not everyone’s happy with dating culture. It’s not fair to those who’re looking to have companionship, let alone sexual instances. A lot of emotional and physical expectations are putting the burden on those “losers” who can’t afford a partner. 

Resentment, self-loathing, and mental issues are the by-product of dating culture, and many people, especially men, come out frustrated, waiting to pounce on just one opportunity that could test their steel in lovemaking. 

As the world moves more towards cosmetic expectations, people are finding it hard to get interactive and sexual companionship. Dating has been monopolized by a few successful men and women who often magnify the urge of having a relationship, conveying their messages, especially to the ones who couldn’t achieve their levels of dating success.

We feel happy to announce that China-based sex dolls manufacturers have noticed the unfairness with authentic dating systems. They’re trying in their might to bestow a moment of happiness for the left-outs. And of course, also in the sex lives of the ones who want to add a bit of roller-coaster in their monotonous intimate routine.

If you ask us, we think AI sex dolls can threaten the dating culture for good.

You can have endless reasons to choose AI sex dolls as your partner, but “not-so-expected” dates continue to uptick the demand of AI sex dolls. If you ask us why it could threaten the dating culture, here’re some of the reasons.

The ones struggling to navigate to the world of dating have a choice 

Despite the number of dating apps, dating is not easy. The ones who struggled without them continue to struggle with them. As the navigation to the dating world gets tougher and rougher, the “less privileged” ones are scrambling to get partners of their choices. 

But these left-outs don’t have to swipe right or left to win dating partners. The sex robot is DIY programmable. It means she does what you want, and not what the world wants. She’s genuinely yours, at all cost.

The ones who manage a date or two need not fear of getting rejected later in the relationship

Even if you have managed to confirm a date or two after hundreds of requests and pleas, there’s no security you’re getting any chance to take your relationship further to a companionship and intimacy level. Result? The final nail on the coffin— social rejection.

Gynoid can really help you triumph you to the companionship and intimacy level without having to worry about getting rejected. So you need not pass through the filtering levels of these death ray scanning idiots, who toss you up in a trash can like your existence doesn’t matter. 

There’s no one to judge you! She loves you for what you’re and for what you can make her feel. Anything that matters to you is: getting loved straight away without being scrutinized.

The ones struggling to have sex with their significant halves can seek pleasure in dolls

Look! The best part of AI sex dolls is it doesn’t want to monopolize its audience like what dating system has done. Literally, anyone and everyone can use these smart sex robots to spice up their boring sex lives.

Even the couples who are struggling to have sex with each other, due to xyzee reasons. They can wrap their sexual desires in a new format through these dolls and build a fresh-novelty environment to meet their needs. 

The partners who often tend to cheat and deceit or date outside marriages due to overfamiliarity of their significant halves can have consensual talks about adding sex dolls to their lives. 

It shall prevent them from migrating to dating apps and help their relationships from withering. Also, it will be a significant boost as a much-needed change in their sex lives.

The ones looking to supplement intimacy in their married or live-in relationships

Most relationships wither over time, the sexual hunger takes a huge toll, and intimacy is suppressed to an extent the charm feels stale and rotten. It has been the case with both married and live-in relationships.

Some cross the limits hurting their partners. Forced group orgies or infidelity destroys the relationships. What could be more valuable addition than female sex dolls who behave like the third add-ons for supplementing intimacy, but are not real enough to break you or your partner’s trust?

So AI sex dolls are fun to have when you’re looking to save your relationship without offending each other’s expectations.

The ones looking to create fantasies and acts which are otherwise difficult to have

Sexual imagination is only half the job done. The other half lies in finding the partner who resonates with your fantasies and fulfils your desires— like having sex on the mountain cliff or slaying fire on the couch.

Dating gets difficult when sexual fantasies start offending the other person. There’s always a sense of hesitation in opening up about your sexual desires. No matter how good an erotic-imagery you make, you need someone who complies with your thoughts and treats your fantasies as theirs.

It’s easier to share and practice your fantasies with smart sex dolls than with the real women. There’s always a risk of offending in the latter case when you’re not aware of their sexual interests. But AI sex dolls are mesmerizing as you program them for your use.

Roleplays in any position or sex on the book table, she’s never saying you a no. You can carry her to the mountain cliffs and have your desire met. That’s where you keep imaging powerful stories and executing them for your satisfaction.

The ones hurt by the former partners can try a non-hurting relationship

More often than not, relationships reach a critical point where they either break forever or get subjected to indifferent chemistries. Some of them result in pain and are excruciatingly emotionally draining.

The ones who feel they’ve been betrayed by their partners and want to commit to a new relationship without worrying about another heartbreak can resort to AI sex dolls instead of dating.

It’s like living on a pleasure island without being subjected to any betrayal or emotional bleeding. So if you want to see sex doll that doesn’t hurt you and dances on your tune, you know where to stop by. Datings made easier with sex dolls. No question asked. No feelings hurt.

The ones who feel they have only sex dolls as female companions to share their fetish

Many sexually-deprived people have fetishes they can’t share with others. The air of hesitance keeps them from sharing their sexual ideas. They feel no one can understand them as much sex dolls can. It’s what all they have as companionship and their fetishes will be answered rightly by these sexy, smart dolls.

And many of them have sadistic needs that not all women can fulfil, not even the sex workers. The guys looking to get into extreme forms of sexual indulgence like bondage and discipline, dominance and submission (BDSM) have a hard time finding partners. 

Moreover, this sometimes turns ugly and violent, which don’t go well with partners and sex workers alike. Sex dolls may not be very resistant to violent sexual activities, but they can surely pave the way for a variety of sexual fantasies. You can say it answers the kink even if it’s beyond your partner’s league.

Men and women who are isolated and out of tune these days can try their fortunes

The movements that claimed to rub the differences between men and women seem to have created more differences. Men and women are isolating, and they are going ultimately out of tune these days.

While both have their sexual calls to answer, the ever-growing ego between the two genders is not a good sign for either of them. The sexual urge is natural, and that’s not going to diminish. 

AI sex dolls are also the results of inflating egos between the two genders. Also, the genders who don’t identify as binaries have a tough time presenting their orientations. Smart sex doll addresses both the problems quite convincingly. 

Men and women can accomplish a relationship with counterparts without needing to give up their ideologies. The gender outside the gender binary can also dress up their dolls as it deems fit, and enjoy moments of companionship. Again, you need not date the “real-humans” you dislike. Sex dolls come without the emotional baggage and no strings attached.

The ones addicted with sex can have a sexual release without disturbing the peace of their partners

While intimacy anorexia is a fire, sex addiction is a wildfire. But it’s a massive issue when both the partners have different sexual outlook. One looks to withhold sexual urges while the other looks to ramp it up like it’s breaking the hymen for the first time.

The relationship can get strained and stressful, and one of the two or both feel lost and entangled in the responsibilities of intimate relationships. Fortunately, AI sex dolls have can take care of the outlooks.

The one with anorexia doesn’t have to fall into the intimate responsibilities, and the ones with their super sex-addiction can get away with these human-resembling sex dolls. There’s no better win-win than this. 

The ones with marginalized opinions can enjoy sex dolls without the fear of psychiatric labelling

The stigma around sex doll-ownership is real, and society puts psychiatric labelling, so to speak. While the relationship is considered pathological, many who fear giving marginalized opinions often like to remain anonymous.

But anonymous beings can answer their sexual urges with sex dolls without fearing these labels. The reality of these communities are quite different from what it’s showcased on the media.

Not all having dolls suffer from the psychological or pathological ailment. Surveys have found the rate of depression is way more in people who want to have sex dolls but refrain for “god-knows-whatever-reasons” in comparison with the ones who own it. Hence dating will be way more simplified for these groups with these sexy dolls occupying their bed spaces.

The final argument— dating these AI ladies with ShesDoll

Look! We don’t know whether you need an AI-powered sex doll for meeting your sexual urges. It’s you who has to decide what fits you at this moment. The decision to have one may not go positive with your partner. 

But if you’re single and have been looking to hunt down a chick who speaks the language you speak— AI sex doll is the right kind of fit. One good way to have her by your side is by shopping with ShesDoll. Here’s why you need to upgrade your sex toy collection with it: