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Sex dolls are new and constantly evolving and so are the options that come with them. From gel breasts, and hooks, to moaning technology, sometimes it can feel like rocket science to gain a basic understanding of what each option means for your purchase.

This is why we made this article, to help you in your buying process regarding sex doll options. In this article, you will find everything you need to know regarding all of the available buying options from all the popular brands and manufacturers. You will know whether the option is beneficial for you and how it will improve your sexual experience. Make sure to keep reading or skip ahead if you need, to learn more about each of the options that interest you.

Therefore, there are several options to choose from when it comes to customizing a sex doll. While most custom features don’t require adequate information and are self-explanatory, others need extra attention from your end. Read on to find out available sex doll options and what they mean.


Skin Color

Sex dolls come with skin color customization. Typically, skin color refers to the skin texture of the sex doll you intend to buy. Different manufacturers produce dolls that come in a variety of skin tones which you should be able to see from the customization menu on the product page.

These might include light tan, dark tan, fair, and white, cocoa, pink, and so on. Additionally, manufacturers do welcome custom requests for specific skin tones if you want. So, if you are looking for a custom skin color, you can always contact us and we’ll make it happen. It’s important to note that skin color will look different on TPE or Silicone skin than how it does on the computer, so if you’re unsure of the skin color, a sample kit can be purchased.

Eye Color

The best part about the eyes in a custom sex doll is that they aren’t fixed. It means they are not permanent and you can change or remove them at your will. However, eye color can make or break the appearance of the doll depending on your preference.

So, make sure that you get the right ones for your doll. Apart from that, if you find it difficult to choose the right eye color, you can add another extra pair of eyes. That way, you can switch between them whenever you want.

Because you can take out and replace the eyes of your sex doll, there is no harm in experimenting with different colors.

Eye color can easily be selected from the sex doll customization menu from the available options.


A beautiful wig makes your sex doll look sexy. So, when it comes to choosing wigs, sex doll manufacturers offer a variety of styles for you to choose from. All you have to do is choose the one that suits your preference and it comes with the doll.

The wigs fit on your doll like a cap and you can change or replace them with ease. In addition, you can always choose wigs from other places or stores in case you are not satisfied with their quality or just looking for something different or unique. As such, many people end up buying many different wigs for their sex dolls to have some variety.

Nipple Size

When you are looking for the perfect nipple size in your doll, perhaps you should consider areola size. In general, the nipple size typically refers to the diameter of the areola. It is hand-finished by artists and comes in different sizes catering to your needs.

However, if you are confused about the nipple size, choose the option that says “same as photo” when you are placing an order. This will ensure you get the same size as the doll in the picture.

Nipple Color

Another important aspect most people look for when ordering a sex doll is the color of the nipples. Most of the time, it has a pinkish color by default. The color is usually hand stained using TPE stain in the workshop.

In general, the artists can make any color of your choice. But it is good to have the same color for nipples and vaginas (more on this below). If you’re unsure, opt for “same as picture”, we’ll replicate the nipple color on the promotional images for you.

Nail Color (Fingers and Toes)

What makes sex dolls more interesting is that you can paint fingernails and toenails as people do. As such, most dolls come with color options for you to choose from. Typically, the fingernails and toenails in sex dolls are available in natural or pink colors.

However, if you are looking for something extra, you may try other colors as well. But keep in mind that the color on the fingernails and toenails isn’t painted on. Rather, the material itself is colored.

It means if you choose pink, the color stays on permanently (or until it wears off after a few years). It won’t go off even if you wash it. Therefore, double-check your color choice before making the final decision.

However, do keep in mind you can always change the nail colors at home with specialized tools, so if you do end up changing your mind, there’s always the option for you to change things up on your own.

Fixed or Removable Vagina

Another customizing feature in sex dolls comes in the form of a fixed and removable vagina. As the name suggests, fixed vaginas are permanent and you can’t remove them. It gives you the most realistic feel that you can have. You can control how tight the vagina should be simply by opening the legs.

On the other hand, removable vaginas give you get the liberty to insert and remove them from the vaginal cavity of sex dolls. You can take it out with ease and clean it after using the doll. Moreover, you can even replace it if broken.

Although a fixed vagina can give you a more realistic feel, cleaning them properly is more difficult. Nevertheless, fixed vaginas offer a more detailed feel and look. While it is a bit challenging to clean, most people opt for fixed vaginas in their sex dolls.

Vagina Color

The vagina is hand-colored according to your preference when placing the order. However, almost every manufacturer offers basic color with the right definition to make it appealing. Manufacturers will offer different selections for vagina color which you can easily choose from by looking at the pictures in the options menu.

When it comes to vagina color, you should aim for the same as your chosen nipple color (by default they are). That way, it makes the doll more realistic.

Natural vs. Standing Foot vs. Natural Standing Foot

Apart from the material and hand craftsmanship, the skeleton work determines whether or not a sex doll can stand on its feet. Typically, you can avail of two different types of foot: natural and standing foot. However, there is another type that people refer to as natural standing foot.

You can’t make a doll stand on its feet if it comes with a natural foot option. Even if you make them stand, the TPE material below won’t be able to withstand the doll’s weight. However, dolls with standing feet have visible bolts on their feet that can hold the doll’s weight with ease.

With dolls that have a standing foot option, the possibilities are endless. You can make them stand for photoshoots, storage, and sex position. With a natural foot, you have to make the doll sit or lay down. This is why people will more often go with the standing foot option.

With advancements in technology, some manufacturers now offer natural standing foot options in dolls. The feet come with hardened silicone material enough to support the doll’s weight. This means there are no visible bolts. That way, it looks like a natural foot but works like a standing foot; best of both worlds. The only drawback is price, some manufacturers will charge an upgrade fee for the natural standing foot option.

Moaning Technology

If you want to enhance your sexual sex doll experience, this feature may be for you. Recorded moaning with limited variations might work well if you specifically seek this feature in your sex doll.

This feature gets activated when you exert pressure or movement on the doll. Sometimes, a squeeze of the breasts makes the doll react with a moaning sound. When having an intimate moment with your sex doll, a moaning sound will give you more excitement.

The technology will differ between brands. Some of them have built-in moaning technology while others have an external speaker that is connected to the doll. Please inquire if you want specifics regarding how the technology works and operates for a specific brand.

Freckles (Facial or Body)

Not everyone is looking for flawless skin for their sex dolls. So, if you are looking for natural freckles either on the doll’s face or body, this option can make you happy. The freckles are scattered in areas that naturally receive much sunlight.

The areas constitute the forehead, cheeks, nose, and some parts of the body. Therefore, freckles are intuitive sex doll options that you can choose when customizing your doll. These effects on the doll’s skin are hand applied by expert makeup artists.

However, freckles are not permanent and may fade over time because of constant use and cleaning, if you want a more permanent option, opt for the permanent make-up option in addition to this one (if available, depending on the brand).

Bikini Line/Light Tan Effect

If you are looking for a dark sexy vibe from your sex doll, a bikini line or light tan skin design is the right option for you.

Many people love to hang out with sporty tanned-skin sex dolls because they find them unique. The tan colors could be brown or light brown. Characterized by delicate work, fashion, and top quality, the light tan effect option is another great customization that you can have in sex dolls.

Planted Synthetic or Human Hair

Many manufacturers are incorporating their sex dolls with implanted synthetic or human hair. Although this option is expensive, it looks more natural compared to wigs. But there is an underlying issue with implanted hair.

Eventually, the hair will shed and fall out because of the implantation process. In addition, they are difficult to clean because the doll’s head carries them. However, it will stay for longer periods on dolls made of silicone compared to TPE heads. If you are into photography, this option might be great. Or else, it may be better to stick to wigs.

Regarding hair options and color options, you won’t be able to choose implanted hair styling options, by default, they come as long straight hair which you can then style yourself however you like. As for color, depending on the manufacturer, you should be able to choose from a selection of basic human-colored hair.

We will contact you after your order to get your selection for the hair color.

Vagina Lubricant Insert

Another innovative option that you find in sex dolls is lubricant-free vaginas. As the term suggests, it provides you with a simple way to have sexual intercourse with the doll when there is no lubricant around.

All you need to do is pour water in small quantities into the vagina to lubricate naturally. The lubricant gets better as you move. Because it is water-based, you can clean it with ease after use. However, not many sex doll manufacturers provide you with this option.

The lubricant-free option will last approximately 50-100 uses before the lubricant-free lining will fade and you will have to start using regular lubricant.

Solid, Hollow, or Gel Breasts

One of the most popular customization options is choosing the breast type. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Solid breasts – These kinds of breasts are made of either silicone or TPE. Solid breasts are perky and firm with decent bounce and softness.



Hollow breasts – If you are a person who likes bouncy breasts, hollow breasts are the right option for you. They have air inside them rather than being filled with TPE or silicone or filled with gel.



Gel breasts – They are the best option if you seek realistic doll breasts. The gel implants give you the nearest feel of human fat. Squeezing them feels like an authentic touch.



Penis Insert

Are you looking for a transexual doll? If yes, chances are that not many manufacturers produce them, and finding the right one might be challenging. However, don’t worry, because you can experience the same with your female sex doll.

A penis insert is a great option that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. The base of the penis insert goes inside the vagina with ease. It is a popular product for gay & bisexual men, women, or couples who both want to enjoy the sex doll in different ways.

Most manufacturers offer this option, but have slight variations in size. If you want to know more about the size and girth of the product for a particular brand of sex doll, please contact us (average size of sex doll penis insert is 7 inches).

Realistic Body Makeup

The very purpose of a sex doll is to re-create the realism of a real person. That way, manufacturers tend to include as many options as they can to make the experience better and outstanding. And, body makeup is another important sex doll option that you may want.

In general, body makeup involves hyper-realistic painting of simulated texture, shadows, and veins that you find normally in human skin. Sadly, realistic body makeup is not permanent like other makeups that you find in sex dolls. Therefore, clean your doll with a TPE-safe cleanser and avoid using any kind of stain removers. That way, the makeup will last for a long time.

On the other hand, some brands offer permanent make-up. If these options are bought together (ie. permanent make-up + realistic body make-up), then you will have a permanent option for the realistic make-up. This will however drive up the price of your sex doll.

Articulated Fingers

Metal wire fingers on sex dolls are a thing of the past. If you are tired of metal wire fingers that make the doll’s hands stiff, articulated fingers might be the right choice for you.

Other than adding strength to the doll’s fingers, they can produce different types of gestures. It is a feature that was impossible with the old-fashioned fingers. Articulated fingers are an innovative addition for sex doll enthusiasts.

The main difference between regular (metal-wire) fingers and articulated fingers is the realism of the movement, added durability, and the ability to hold objects.

Heating Technology (Self-Heating Sex Doll)

The idea behind heating technology in sex dolls is to bridge the gap between a real human and a doll. Self-heating sex dolls have is an important option for certain people and they have been around for some years as of now.

An intuitively designed heating mechanism works from inside the doll that warms it up. The doll’s body has a port with a cable and you have to connect the other end of the cable to the power socket. It takes a few minutes for the doll to warm up at which point you can disconnect it from the socket and it will stay warm for a few hours.

Important Note: You should never leave a doll charging overnight. As it charges, the battery heats and so does the TPE which could melt the sex doll and create a fire hazard. Please only charge it for 20-30 minutes prior to engaging with the sex doll.

Breathing Technology

What makes love dolls so popular is that they imitate what real people do when having intimate moments with their partners. Breathing technology in these dolls is another innovation that you may want to have in your sex doll.

The stimulated breathing increase intimacy and brings your doll to life. An implanted device creates the simulation inside the doll’s chest cavity. As a result, it makes the doll’s chest rise and fall. If you are looking for an intense sex session with your doll, having this feature is a boon.

The feature works with a small button that will turn on the breathing function. It can be turned off again with the button. To charge the sex doll, simply connect it using the charging port at the base of the neck.

Important Note: You should never leave a doll charging overnight. As it charges, the battery heats and so does the TPE which could melt the sex doll and create a fire hazard. Please only charge it for 20-30 minutes prior to engaging with the sex doll.

Lip Finish

As you know, sex dolls come with many additional cosmetic options so that you can get what you need. All cosmetic options are usually temporary as they fade with time unless you add the permanent make-up option.

Lip finish constitutes an integral part of any sex doll. A perfect lip finish improves the facial appearance and brings touch to the overall face. Having sex involves kissing and hugging. So, you want to make the choice that is right for you.

Therefore, look out for a glossy or matte lip finish in the options when selecting your sex doll to choose the best one for you. Alternatively, just select same as picture to have the same finish as the promotional images.

Built-in Tongue

Some dolls feature detachable tongues whereas some others don’t. In general, a removable tongue is compatible with almost every sex doll. But a built-in tongue in a doll carries benefits as well.

If you love blowjobs, having a built-in tongue is an option that you can’t afford to miss. Furthermore, it improves kissing and adds realism to your photoshoots as well.

By default, sex dolls don’t have a tongue inside they mouth, so if this is something important to you, make sure you select the built-in tongue option.

Ear, Nipple or Body Piercing

Are you into piercings? If so, look out for sex doll manufacturers that include head, body, or nipple piercing on their products as an option. This is a new and exciting way to experience intimacy with your sex doll.

Many people say that when they move their fingers on pierced nipples, it gives them sheer pleasure and adds to their arousal. There is no denying that for some, nipples play an important role in having an intense orgasm.

Hence, try not to miss out on the fun and find sex dolls that give you the option to choose body or nipple piercing as an added feature.

You can always inquire with us about available looks for your piercing. You can also pierce the sex doll yourself if you feel confident.

Moveable Eyes

Transform the look of your love doll with an extra set of movable eyes. So, what makes them unique? With these eyes set on your doll, you can change how it looks at you. Besides, these eyes are simple to use.

You have to insert them behind your doll’s original eyes. With multidirectional eye movements, you get the right feeling of intimacy. Movable eyes are a great addition to the sex doll and it brings out the doll’s personality in many ways.

Basically, moveable eyes allow you to move the eyes in any direction you like with absolute ease versus standard eyes which are stuck in the front looking position at all times.

Moveable eyes with bloodshot

While these look more or less like movable eyes, they differ from regular doll eyes. Movable eyes with bloodshot give you the feature of what a real human eye looks like. The red veins that form a part of bloodshot eyes add a very humanlike element to the sex doll’s eyes which is an added touch of realism when engaging with the sex doll.

Bloodshot eyes are a great option that gives your doll a more life-like feeling. Apart from spending a wonderful time with your doll, moveable bloodshot eyes are great for photography that produces amazing moments with your love doll.

Moving/Shrugging Shoulders

Shrugging shoulders are an upgrade to the existing skeletal structure common in most sex dolls. This upgrade gives the shoulder a variety of motion. And, the most notable one is the up and down motion.

Although the feature doesn’t add much to your sexual experience, you can use it for photoshoots. Dolls with moving shoulders tend to give a more realistic look. This feature is mainly for mid-range and high-end sex dolls.

Removable Pubic Hair

Many doll manufacturing companies provide two options: implanted and removable pubic hair.

Most people tend to prefer the non-pubic hair option when ordering their sex doll. However, what if you want this option in your back pocket for days when you feel like being with a sex doll with pubic hair? In that case, removable pubic hair is what you need. Available in a variety of colors and styles, you can always get the one that matches your preference. Simply glue it onto your doll’s skin and you are good to go.

Heating Blanket

A heating blanket can help your love doll attain close to human body temperature. If you are looking for ways to increase the level of intimacy with your sex doll, perhaps a heating blanket might help you a lot.

The best part is that you can even use the blanket with external heating systems such as vagina heaters. That way, you don’t have to buy a doll that comes with an in-built heating system. However, some doll owners refrain from using a heating blanket because they believe it might damage the doll’s skin with time as TPE is sensitive to heat. Take necessary precautions when using the blanket to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Soft Silicone Head vs. Hard Silicone Head

Silicone is the preferred material used in sex dolls and for good reasons. So, when it comes to the doll’s head, many people wonder whether they should choose a soft silicone head or a hard silicone head.

While both of them sound the same at first glance, there are some differences:

Soft silicone heads are softer to the touch and malleable. They allow oral sex but they cannot have implanted hair. These are perfect if you want to use the sex doll for nothing but sex.

Hard silicone heads are very stiff and fragile to blunt force. They have no oral ability but can have implanted hair. These are perfect for photographers or those who want a more realistic sex doll with implanted hair.

Some silicone sex doll brands offer both a hard silicone and soft silicone head for free. Look in the options menu for this. At request, one of the soft or hard heads can also be switched to another sex doll head model at no extra charge. Please contact us to inquire.

Extra Sex Doll Head

There are benefits to having an extra head for your sex doll. Having an extra head can work wonders and can help change the overall appearance instantly. Heads are not permanently connected to your sex doll, depending on brand, they are interchangeable. This means you can have multiple different heads to use for a single body.

As such, you can remove them whenever you want. If you think you may want an extra sex doll head at some point, try to purchase one when you purchase your full-sized sex doll. This is because the extra cost is much cheaper than when you purchase a head individually. This is mainly due to shipping costs which are next to none on an extra head included in your sex doll package versus shipping a head by itself.

Silicone Socks

Opt for silicone socks for your love doll if you don’t want to harm their soft feet. These kinds of socks are lightweight, breathable, and soft. Moreover, the air holes make sure that the feet don’t become too wet or too dry.

Also, the anti-slip design adds friction between the floor and feet. That way, it helps the doll stand better. Apart from that, it is easy to take on and off.

Resin Teeth

To achieve a more realistic look, don’t forget to buy resin teeth for your sex doll. Hand-molded by experts in resin, it is another option for your sex doll that will look great. On top of that, you can choose from a variety of styles.

Incorporating resin teeth on your doll will help brighten up your evenings and make them more romantic. Besides, the glamour that it brings with it will attract you more to your doll.

Resin teeth are removable inserts that are made to look like regular teeth or vampire teeth. They are mainly an aesthetic option for your sex doll, perfect for those who want to take sexy pictures of their sex dolls.

Hook/Suspension Kit

Suspension or hook lit to allow you to store your sex doll effectively. This kit will help you suspend your doll’s head and body in a convenient way. In general, the kit comes with a base for placing the doll’s head and a hook for the body.

Sometimes, you may find kits that have hooks used to suspend both the head and body of your sex doll. It is one of the best ways to store your love doll.

Head Stand

Because sex dolls fulfill your desire to a great extent, it’s your responsibility to preserve them in the best possible way. A headstand intended for your doll’s head is an important addition to your doll’s closet.

Moreover, if you have an extra head for your love doll, you have to store it well. And, nothing can replicate a headstand. It is the only way to secure extra doll heads conveniently.

EVO Skeleton

The term denotes an upgraded skeleton that enables sex dolls to make different types of postures. Compared to the ordinary skeletal structure, the EVO skeleton is more advanced. It is super-flexible and allows more human-like posing.

As such, your doll gives you proper sexual positions. EVO skeleton is equipped with double-jointed legs and arms. That way, your doll can kneel, stretch and squat like a real human.

Gel Butt

Although gel butt is gaining popularity in recent years, this option is not common. A gel butt mimics a real female butt, and squeezing them gives you an authentic feel.

If you want to experience squishy and soft touch, you should choose this option. While it might be expensive, every penny is worth it. With balanced bounce and firmness, gel butts are revolutionary compared to regular ones.

Flight Case

Store and protect your new love doll discreetly with a flight case. Although suspension kits are great when you need to store your doll, using a flight case has added benefits. Suppose, you won’t be at home for a few days. In that case, a flight case not only stores your doll safely but also prevents dust from sticking into its skin. On top of that, the case comes with internal padding for extra safety.

Another benefit is the added safety during shipping. Average wait times for a new sex doll can be up to 3 weeks (sometimes more!). Imagine waiting all this time to get a damaged sex doll because of UPS or Fedex. Having a flight case take the brunt of the damage is an extra precaution so you don’t have to return the sex doll and wait another month for your replacement sex doll.

Flight cases are custom made for your sex doll, from height and width to inner padding. You can rest knowing you have a perfect storage device for your expensive sex doll.

Doll Stand

An ingenious new option for sex doll owners is the doll stand. These stands come with lots of adjustments so that you can place the doll efficiently and is specifically made to support the doll weight. It is a very safe method of storage and makes cleaning much easier.

Permanent Makeup

Do you want your sex doll to remain as impeccable as in the promotional images? Do you want to avoid the fading of make-up over time? Do you want to avoid touching up your sex doll with make-up yourself? Then the permanent make-up option is for you. All make-up from face to the body will be permanently inked on your sex doll keeping her as new for years to come.

Extra Soft TPE

There are plenty of advantages to having extra soft TPE sex dolls. They are softer compared to ordinary TPE, have the same weight, and don’t interfere with standing. So, if you are looking for a soft feel that makes you relaxed, you should opt for extra soft TPE sex dolls.

But you should be careful while dealing with extra soft TPE dolls because they are delicate. This is why not many people choose sex dolls with extra soft TPE. They can wear and tear very easily if you do not take good care of them. This means carefully moving the sex doll from one place to another, not being excessive in the sex positions when engaging with the sex doll, making sure to keep the skin moisturized, and avoiding clothes. It is also very important to choose an extremely safe storage method to avoid any stress on the skin.

This option is only recommended for experienced sex doll enthusiasts or very meticulous personality types.


Hopefully this guide on sex doll options was useful and enjoyable to read. Sex Dolls are very complicated because of all the different brands, plethora of options, and limited online resources. This guide should help you get started in your journey towards your first sex doll.

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