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March 6, 2023259 ViewsShesDoll

Sex dolls are beautiful creations. They come from sculpting artists who made

“Silicone sex dolls are human companions, and sexual services are just one of the functions”

Yang Dongyue, 35 years old, the founder and manufacturer of EXDOLL. Yang Dongyue, born in the 1980s, is the boss of this silicone sex doll listed company. This factory produces more than 3,000 “beauties” every year, each with an average price of 20,000.

He first made his fortune as the first batch of Japanese purchasing agents and earned his first pot of gold. In 2009, he happened to see silicone sex dolls in Akihabara, Japan’s electric street, and became very interested. He spent 150,000 yuan to buy two mature Japanese silicone love dolls, and did research and development behind closed doors. “For more than three years and nearly four years, there was no product. It was a headache at that time. The money earned from other industries was invested in the experiment of silicone sex dolls, probably five or six million.”

“At the beginning, I wanted to export to Japan, Europe and the United States, but I didn’t think about selling domestically. Now, our exports account for half, and the domestic market accounts for half, with annual sales of about 30 million.”

To customize a silicone real doll, users must choose from 58 faces, 11 body types, and 4 skin colors currently developed by the manufacturer. Details include pupil color, hair presence and color, nail color, and facial features. makeup and more.

“These are not fully-fledged sex robots but an Exdoll does simulate some human moods. There are 16 motors in the doll’s head, The most important thing is to mimic the movements of a person’s face. The motors can make it blink, open its mouth, stick out its tongue, and so on.”

Beyond its appearance, each model has a name and reportedly a corresponding personality too, as well as a profession, such as nurse, air crew or secretary to name a stereotypical few. Dolls can also be customised and the company has launched a number of male models as well.

So, who are the orderers of these silicone sex dolls?

Yang Dongyue felt, “The cost of using sex dolls to solve sexual desires is too high, and a sex doll may not be able to be used 100 times.” What his buyer needs more is a humanoid companion that is exclusive to him, and his psychological needs are greater than his physical needs.

“Most people have the impression of silicone real doll users as nerds, who don’t usually have contact with women, and who can’t marry a wife in middle age. But among our players, 30%-40% are married. The couple have no children. Buy a love doll to raise as a daughter. Elderly widowed will also look for spiritual sustenance through sex dolls.”

And Yang Dongyue doesn’t want to stop at the sex doll industry, he has always defined this silicone sex dolls manufacturing company as a technology company.

“What we are doing is a bionic human, and adult products are only one of its functions. If you imagine the combination of silicone love dolls and artificial intelligence in the future, combined with Siri’s technology, you can communicate with people smoothly and do everything that people can do.”

” People were born to be alone, lovers, friends and families will leave, But the love dolls will always be with you “