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March 31, 2023333 ViewsShesDoll

Should you buy you husband a sex doll? It’s a question that some women find themselves asking. We know that this can be a bit of a conundrum for those new to purchasing a sex doll for someone else, so we’re making it easy with this handy guide. 

First things first, whether your man has already expressed an interest in playing with a sex doll, or whether this is a sexy surprise you’ve dreamed up yourself to inject some excitement into your sex life, you should know that you aren’t alone. In fact, we’re seeing more and more women and couples buying a sex doll to enhance their lives together and add some serious spice into the bedroom. They’re a wonderful way to freely experiment, introduce a third person without bringing in a real person and allow you to explore your deepest, darkest, dirtiest desires so if you’re in two minds – don’t be! 

Here’s why it’s a great idea to buy a sex doll for your husband or boyfriend: 

The doll is always ready for sex

We get it. You may not always be in the mood for sex – none of us really are if we’re honest. There will be times when you just aren’t feeling sexy but, that doesn’t mean your partner feels the same. If your schedules are often out of sync, of if your partner simply has a higher sex drive than you do, a sex doll provides a sinfully delicious outlet for him to get the release he craves. And even if you aren’t in the mood yourself, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy watching. 

You don’t need to worry about cheating

Our dolls are super realistic, incredibly attractive and with figures every man dreams of. They look and feel so real in fact, that your man won’t ever need to look elsewhere. If you’re ever worried that your husband or boyfriend may cheat in order to have more sex – perhaps because you don’t want sex as often as he does, don’t feel well, are pregnant or have a family to care for, a doll can fulfil his every fantasy. 

They can do things you may not want to

Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to sex and just because you’re married, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do something you aren’t comfortable with. If your husband loves anal for example but you aren’t into it, a sex doll makes a wonderful substitute and is always up for anything. 

Plus, with our advanced TPE and silicone skin, plus accessories such as the vagina heating rod to warm up the doll’s mouth, vagina and anus, your partner will be hard pressed to distinguish from the real thing. That means your new sex doll will help your partner to take their pleasure and enjoy their favourite positions without you feeling under pressure to do something you really aren’t keen on.  

You can fulfil your hottest, wildest fantasies together

Sometimes, we don’t actually want to live out our deepest, wildest fantasies with another person. If you often talk about sharing or swapping or having a third person join you for sex, but don’t actually want to bring a real person into your relationship, a sex doll allows you to live out those fantasies without crossing that line. The great thing about a doll is that it’s so realistic, role play takes on a whole new dimension. You can have fun dressing the doll together, setting the scene and choosing accessories to bring your deepest desires to life, together. 

To add to the turn on factor, remember you can swap who’s in control and demand anything of your doll, without worrying about what another person might think or feel. 

There’s no danger of STDs

Sex dolls are safe and hygienic. They can be lubed up and cleaned, so while they feel amazing, they’re also safe and don’t pose any danger of contracting an STD. Just make sure to use a water-based formulation to prolong the life of your doll. 

They can bring long distance couples together

Sometimes circumstances dictate that you may have to be long distance for a while. Whether you have to travel frequently for work or have family commitments elsewhere, buying a doll can bring you together even when you’re apart. You could plan a data night for example, set up FaceTime and then play out a super sexy scenario, which the two of you alone share. 

How to buy a sex doll for your husband

You have two options when it comes to choosing a doll: