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When people think of sexual confidence, it’s common to think of someone who has a killer body and knows what to do in bed. But sexual confidence doesn’t come from your bra size or how many partners you’ve had.

Sexual confidence means different things to different people — but at its heart, it means you feel comfortable in your body, you know you deserve pleasure, and you’re not afraid to communicate what you want.

What Does it Mean to Be Sexually Confident?

What is sexual confidence?

It is a feeling that comes from a deep-seated realization of your worth. When you’re sexually confident, you feel good about your body — even if it’s not the body of a lingerie model. You know that you’re entitled to feel pleasure and joy. 

You’re able to talk freely about what you like and don’t like sexually. You can listen to and respect the needs and desires of your partner. When you’re sexually confident, you’re able to set and accept boundaries.

Why Is It So Difficult to Be Sexually Confident in Today’s Society?

Our society is overwhelmingly sex-negative. It tells us constantly that sex is nasty and dirty. We are constantly bombarded with images of unrealistic body standards that make us feel worse about ourselves.

People with gender expressions, skin, and bodies that don’t fit the mainstream ideal are made to feel wrong or inadequate. 

At the same time, we’re paradoxically told to be sexually confident and bold in the bedroom. These contradictory messages lead to feelings of shame and insecurity. 

How Many People Suffer from Lack of Sexual Confidence?

According to one sex educator, most people lack sexual confidence. There are many reasons people don’t feel sexually confident, including:

What Can Sexual Confidence Look Like for Different People?

Sexual confidence will be different for everyone. Women are constantly bombarded with messages shaming them for being too sexual or not sexual enough. It’s a double standard and can be confusing and dangerous for women trying to claim sexual power. You need to figure out what sexual confidence means for you. 

How can men and women learn how to feel sexually confident? Some tips on how to boost your sexual confidence outside of the bedroom include:

Products that Can help you to be Sexually Confident

Improve prostate and vaginal health by balancing testosterone levels, stimulating blood flow,  natural lubrication, and heightening arousal with Men’s Blend and Women’s Blend, a natural, vegetarian supplement.

Sex can reduce stress, relieving the mental strain that focus entails but also causes neurochemical changes that aid in the physiological relaxation of the body. Sex reduces sensitivity to pain, reduces cramps, and can make chronic pain more tolerable. Regular sexual activity can even boost libido and make you more sexually confident. Here it is some Sex Dolls that will help you to achieve that. 

What Are Tips That Can Help Anyone Learn How to Be Sexually Confident?

If you’re interested in learning how to become more sexually confident, you should understand that it comes from a place of spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional balance. Confidence in the bedroom begins with confidence outside the bedroom. The more confidence you have in yourself, the more sexual confidence you’ll have. Try to do the following:

Start by loving yourself. Until your relationship with yourself is correct, it won’t matter your relationships with others. You have to believe you are worthy before conveying that to others.

Will Sexual Confidence Lead to Better Sex?

Becoming more sexually confident will naturally lead to better sex. When you improve sexual confidence, you learn to express your desires. You’ll also be more able to listen to your partner’s wants too. By practicing mindfulness and being fully present in your sexual experiences, you can bring yourself back to the moment. 

True sexual confidence can also prevent you from making some sexual mistakes that can be devastating, including:

What Are Some Books and Resources to Help With Sexual Confidence?

There are a lot of resources that can help show you how to feel sexually confident. Some of the top-rated books include:

Suppose you have some more profound underlying trauma or other issues affecting your ability to develop your self-confidence or sexual confidence. In that case, you may benefit from seeking help from a therapist or sexologist.

Ready to Work on Becoming More Sexually Confident?

Growing up in today’s society — with all of the mixed messages about sex surrounding you daily — having some sense of sexual shame is inevitable. To overcome this and fully be sexually confident, you have to switch your mindset to sex-positivity. It can be not easy if you’re not familiar with thinking of yourself and your needs.

Despite what you may have been taught, owning your power and sexuality isn’t selfish or arrogant. You deserve to experience pleasure and to feel confident in your body.