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Choosing the right manufacturer is not easy

While there could be dozens of sex doll manufacturers in the world, making the right choice may not be easy. As a customer, you must know how to research between various brands of sex dolls and then make the right choice. In this article, we will be looking at some of the major sex doll manufacturers. We will try to delve a bit deep into their history, reputation and other such interesting facts and information. We sincerely believe that it will go a long way in helping the readers and other interested persons to have the right insight and information. Based on this information, it may be easy for them to make an informed choice that is not built on opinions.

However, before doing so, we will spend some time finding the various positive attributes and qualities of reputed and well-known sex doll manufacturers. This, we are sure will help the readers to be in a position to separate the grain from the chaff and avoid falling into a trap because there are some fly-by-night and dubious sex doll vendors. They try and masquerade as sex doll manufacturers. Those who have purchased and used sex dolls certainly know that sex dolls cost money. Therefore they would always like to be sure that they get the best value for money at all times.

Things you should look at before buying sex dolls

There are a few proven tips and suggestions that could help the readers to identify the right sex doll manufacturers. We are listing down a few of them for their knowledge.

Differentiate between manufacturers and vendors: This is perhaps the most important and primary points you must bear in mind when it comes to choosing a sex doll. You must be in a position to separate the manufacturer from the vendor. While there is nothing wrong in buying branded sex dolls from reliable and trustworthy vendors, there are many vendors who pretend to be sex dollar manufacturers. They try and push low cost and inferior quality sex dolls to unsuspecting customers. You should not fall into this trap, especially when you are buying the sex dolls from online outlets.

Be clear regarding your requirements: There are different types of sex dolls for different people and they cater to specific needs and requirements. Hence, make sure that the sex doll that you are planning to buy fully meets your personal needs and requirements. We are listing down the most common types of sex dolls that are famous amongst a large segment of customers.

Standard Sex Dolls – These are the most common sought-after and used sex dolls, both by men and women. Within this category, you can choose between high end luxury sex dolls, midrange sex dolls, or even entry level sex dolls. All reputed manufacturers of sex dolls have many variants within the above sub groups.

High end sex dolls are mostly American manufacturers. They are considered to be the best in the world and many sex doll fans are of the opinion that these high end sex dolls are the best that money can buy. They are manufactured with meticulous care and every aspect of the doll is taken care of. These dolls look like real life women. They come with immaculately shaped and sized breasts. Additionally the vaginas are also almost real and the contours are well-designed and shaped. The face, the eye lashes, hair and other such features are also taken care of.

Finally, if you are ready to spend money and buy these sex dolls from reputed and trustworthy manufacturers, you can be sure about the quality of materials that they are made of. Most of them are made from medical-grade silicone (macro-molecule). The material is also platinum cured. Platinum cured material is important because it prevents oozing of the doll over a period of time because of the vagaries of nature and wear and tear. The skeletons on which the dolls sit are also of high quality and they are known for their durability, strength and longevity.

Mid-Range Sex Dolls

There are many middle range sex dolls that belong to the mid-range in terms of price. They are also lifelike and they offer a lot of fun and satisfaction. The technology that drives mid-range sex dolls has grown quite rapidly. On first sight, it may be difficult for a new person to differentiate between the high end sex dolls and these medium range dolls. The basics of these mid-range sex dolls may look almost as the same as the higher end ones. However, if you go through the finer details, you will find that there is some difference as far as the material quality, workmanship and finish are concerned. However, they are still good enough for those who are looking for good pleasure and experience. Obviously the life span of these midrange sex dolls will not be the same as that of the high quality and premium sex dolls that we have discussed above.

Please also keep in mind the quality of the skeleton of these midrange sex dolls. In most cases the skeleton will be of metal. But they are likely to be lighter and thinner. The joints could be stiff and not as free as the high range premium sex dolls. The joint stiffness will get worse over time and depending on your usage, you may have a feeling that the doll has become flimsy and unfit for use.

Entry Level Sex Dolls

Finally let us spend some time getting to know something about entry level sex dolls. These dolls are short in stature and in most cases they should not be more than 5 feet tall. They are also referred to as mini sex dolls. They overall physical attributes are proportionally smaller when compared to the high-end as well as midrange sex dolls. However, if you do your research and go through the right due diligence process, you will be able to come across entry level sex dolls with reasonably big-sized breasts. These are perhaps the best choices for customers who would like to release their sexual energy discreetly without the whole world knowing about it. They are known for light-weight and therefore you will find them easy to handle when compared to the full-size sex dolls. If you are trying sex dolls for the first time and would like to gather some experience before moving ahead, it makes a lot of sense to try these low priced entry sex dolls.

Guarantee and Warranty

There is no doubt that sex doll industry is extremely competitive and new players are entering into the already crowded market. Hence, customers are considered to be the king provided they know how to make the best of it. As a rule of the thumb, sex doll buyers should not hurry through the buying process. As mentioned above, always look for sex doll manufacturers as much as possible. Secondly, look for manufacturers who are ready to offer the best possible guarantee and warranty terms and conditions when it comes to these sex dolls. Warranty and guarantee also will go a long way in adding to the comfort level of the buyers and they can be reasonably sure that they will not be cheated and they also can expect to get the best possible value for money.

Check the Safety Label

Sex dolls are intimate objects and whenever you use them, they will be close to your body. Therefore always choose a manufacturer, who makes sex dolls using body-safe materials. The materials, as mentioned above, should be non-porous silicone apart from wood and glass. You may come across many namesake body-safe sex dolls and you should always look at them with a pinch of salt. You must do that extra bit of research and make sure that it is really safe on your body.

Check the credentials of the manufacturers

The sex doll market is becoming quite crowded and competitive and therefore you must make sure that you are checking the credentials of the manufacturers thoroughly and properly. Check out on their experience, expertise, years of operation and also customer feedback. While price is certainly a big deciding factor, it should not be the only factor to decide on particular make and brand of sex toy. Never compromise on safety and quality when you decide to buy a sex toy. Never end up in a situation, where your decision could be considered as being penny-wise pound foolish.

Look for quality sites that have stood the test of time. Be sure that the brand you are buying is legitimate, and enjoys a good reputation and goodwill. Stay away from sites that have no-names. They may try and lure customers with low price options of seemingly premium brand sex dolls. In most cases, these are inferior sex dolls and it would be better to stay away from these so-called manufacturers of sex dolls.

Customer reviews, and feedback are extremely important because they give an honest opinion about sex dolls. It would be a good idea to take inputs from forums that discuss and debate about various issues pertaining to sex dolls, the quality, durability, performance, and other such things.

We believe that the above would have given our readers a good idea about the sex doll market in general and the various things to be kept in mind before investing money in one.

Best Sex Doll Brands:

Here is a link of all the legitimate sex doll manufacturers and brands. The first few brands are our personal favorite brands from the customer feedback to the price, they encapsulate the best of the industry. The rest are all the other legitimate brands in no particular order.

Final Words

The sex doll industry is huge and the only thing constant about this industry is the pace at which it is changing. The above article, we presume, would have helped our readers to have a better and more informed idea about the sex doll industry, the type of dolls, the materials used for the body, the materials used for the skeleton and much more.

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