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Build Your Dream Doll From Scratch

Every human has their own sexual needs and appetite. Sex is a part of life and everyone has a unique way of enjoying it. Want to make yoursex life more fun and juicy? Then you can definitely buy a sex doll for yourneeds. We offer 100% customizable sex dolls for your needs. Using just a picture, we can bring your wildest dreams and fantasies to life, recreate your crush or loved ones, or even make a clone of yourself!

What are custom love dolls?

We build a customized sex doll from scratch based on thephotos and images or the 3D modeling data sent by you. These dolls arefull-body, completely human-like dolls with every anatomical detail that youneed for having the best sexual experience. At ShesDoll, we are here tocreate a completely customized humanoid sex doll for you by building it from scratch. To know more about the process of how they are made, and how you cancontact us, or how to order or start the buying process, read on. 

Steps to order a custom love doll

ShesDoll is an experienced supplier of sex dolls fully customized according to your needs. They offer these custom-made sex dolls for both individual customers as well as for vendors. There are two ways that we use for customizing a sex doll:

• Carving a sculpture from the images or pictures provided by you

• Making the doll with the help of a 3D model prepared by yourself

If you are wondering how to order your customized love doll, then here are the steps that you have to follow:

Why waste your money on some crappy sex dolls? You can get the best-in-class life-like sex doll custom-made for you. All you have to do is bring a photo or a 3D model to help us bring every detail and precision to offer you the exact replica. Want one? Pls contact us.


Here are the answers to some of the most asked questions:

Ethics of Customizing Love Doll

Technically, the customer can use any image or picture that he wants. But here at ShesDoll, we have some ethics and rules for making the sex doll. These are:

Rule #1

If you are recreating an actual person (friend, wife, celebrity, etc.), then you will need to sign a document that attests that you have permission to do so. As you hold all intellectual property rights regarding your custom design, it is your responsibility to obtain legal permission for the design if required.

Rule #2

We do not make custom child sex dolls at all. It is strictly against our policy and ethics. We recommend you refrain from such requests.

Rule #3

Customers who pay for the mold is the owner of that mold (ie. you hold the intellectual property rights). We will never sell or reproduce your design without your expressed permission or consent. If we like the design, and you are willing to allow us to reproduce it, we would pay royalty rights for your design. If the design is a one-time build, we will destroy the mold after satisfactory delivery.

Benefits of custom Love doll

Having a sex doll custom-made for you can have a lot of benefits. These are:

• It can look exactly like a human with precise lifelike features

• You will get exact human-like boobs and butt that can enhance the enjoyment

• These dolls are flexible and can be brought to different positions

• The customized sex dolls come with three holes that you can use – anal, mouth, and vagina

• You can get exact human-like skin with customized color to create a perfect partner of your choice

• You can recreate a fantasy character doll for perfect sexual simulation

What material is used for custom Love dolls?

The sex dolls are customized with either TPE material or Silicone material. ShesDoll uses the best quality materials that are completely healthy for your skin. The high-grade TPE and silicone can perfectly replicate the human skin which will feel as soft as the real thing. In fact, we use the best materials to create boobs and butts that feel life-like when you play with them, reproducing the wonderful jigglyness of the human body.

Now that you know everything about our custom sex doll designs, you can create one for yourself. All you have to do is to contact us and provide all the details. You have to provide the image of what you want to recreate as a customized sex doll or give us a 3D model in STL file format. Once the agreement is confirmed and you make the first payment successfully, we will start designing the sex doll from scratch to build a life-like doll to enhance your sexual fantasies.