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January 4, 2023273 ViewsShesDoll

Sex is an important part of our healthy life style and we all need to have a sex in our routine life to feel better and live a healthy happy life. But as we age, our physiology changes over time and both men and women can have lower libido. This is because of hormonal imbalance in both men and women and we tend to find out ways that can help us improve libido and arouse us for better sex.

There are multiple ways from better diet to medications and sex toys to sex dolls. You might have tried other ways but let’s explore how we can improve out libido with sex dolls.

A recent study conducted by author and researcher Debby Herbenick, PhD, M.P.H, Co-Director at the center for sexual health and promotion, over 2000 women  reported that half of women admitted to using a vibrator for better libido at some point in their life. There are a range of sex toys from simple dildo to advanced vibrating instruments and all of them are quite helpful in different situations and according to the needs of user. But everything evolves and what if we can find better ways to better optimize our sexual experiences.

Therefore, dolls as one of the most in demand and trending tool for sex is an even better choice for both men and women across the globe. It has far more options for a better sex life and improves the overall outcome. Hence we can use them for better libido even if you are in a relationship with your real life partner. Sex dolls can offer a great variety of ways to boost your libido. We are going to mention some of them for your convenience.  


One of the most remarkable quality of sex dolls is that they are highly seductive with a great power of attraction since they are designed to look sexier. Their body features are more like sex icons that have a psychological impact on our mind. A simple look at a sex doll can sometime initiate a cascade of events that can improve our libido. So, having a sex doll in your surrounding triggers your mind in so many ways and you can expect a natural boost in your libido with a sex doll.

Your Favorite Sex Character

We tend to idealize so many people and celebrities in our lives because of their sexiest body features. It can sometimes be a character from our favorite fiction movie or a mainstream media celebrity. We often fantasize about them. Now if we have a replica of them at our home, it can really change everything for us. You favorite sex icon’s replica is inside your room and all those fantasies are now whirling in your mind. You will definitely go close to her and it puts your soul on fire to touch her and get that outburst of emotions for your inner self.

Hug Your Doll

We all know love dolls are designed with an aim to satisfy us sexually. Their bodies are shaped in the most seductive way to appeal to our eyes. Certainly their bodies have that magic and we tend to lose our control when we are close to them. Now think of a hug, and your body is being pressed against your doll’s body. Simply grab her in your desired way and a friction between your body and your doll creates a feeling of ease and this arouse us. Interact with your doll in your desired fashion and you will surely have a better libido.

Kiss Her

Kiss is one of the best libido booster and there is no parallel when it comes to factors that affect our libido. Your doll has soft and realistic lips. Simply place your lips on the lips of your doll and start kissing her in an aggressive way. It relaxes your nerves and your mind initiate the cascade of sex hormones. In a matter of minutes you will feel your body is warming up and now you won’t stop. Touching the skin of your doll will enforce your feelings because sex dolls are highly special for their close to human body features. They are highly detailed and you will enjoy having them around you.

KThe Warmth of Breasts

Some dolls have a heating system inside the body that produce a natural body temperature. When you are touching your doll, place your hand on her breasts and you will realize the warmth of her body. Start sucking on her breasts and make her all naked. Now your body is getting ready for an ultimate libido and you get an enhanced sense of feeling. You can feel her body against yours. So is the case with other parts of her body. In simple words, when your start touching your doll in the most desirable way, it gives your senses a quick boost and you start feeling aroused.

Role Playing

If you are spending your time with your partner but it is being spoiled by a lower libido. Consider a role play with a doll or a character that intrigues you. Involve your partner and make one of your watch the other for some time. For example, play a role by fantasizing about a threesome. Or simply consider your doll is a nurse and your partner starts flirting with her while the nurse (your doll) is responding in an accepting way. Your partner now starts a romantic scene with her and you start to feel that energy slowly as he proceeds. This way you can think of an endless character every time and you will have far better experience. Visual display of your partner and the sex doll with automatically improve your mood and make you more focused and concentrated on the subject. It works for a lot of people and we recommend you trying it for a better libido.


Are you fond of BDSM and think more often about this aggressive and violent nature of sex. It really is a source of intense sexual desire for many people because they want to try new things. We cannot try BDSM practices with our partner because of the associated risk of injury and an unfavorable outcome. But if that sparks you most often, think of a sex doll as your BDSM partner. A sex doll is ready and requires no consent. You are the master of your favorite sex doll and it will allow you to be aggressive with her without even worrying about her health. This gives you a different kind of freedom. It can allow you to think about your dirtiest dreams and try them at hand. That is why BDSM practices with your sex doll can bring intense levels of libido and you might be able to get rid of all your frustration.

Revealing Cloths

Cloths have a direct impact on our mind because we are attracted to opposite gender when they are wearing revealing cloths. Now, if your doll is wearing revealing clothes, first of all it will attract you quite often to come close and once you are close enough, you will realize that you want to touch her body parts. This way touching your doll quite often in the most inappropriate way can boost your libido and you will start to have better hormonal flux. Sex is complex and we often need triggers for it.


Since libido is an important part of any sexual adventure and as long as you have a good libido, you can enjoy the whole process. It motivates you for going further in every sexual adventure and you feel more engaged. Your body participates with full zeal and you don’t feel limited by any metric. That’s why libido has an undeniable importance in our life.

But sometimes it is hard to gain that libido and that’s where a dolls can be very helpful. It can change your mood with simple looks but you have got far more options when a sex doll is your companion. We have gone from some of the easiest ways of getting a libido to some of the most complex techniques such as role playing and even practicing BDSM. But in that journey, we realized that a sex doll is an important and the best ever mood boosting companion. It will not limit your imaginations and there is no time frame. It will never complain not feeling well and won’t ever interrupt you. A love dolls simply waits for one gesture from you. As long as you feel the necessity to do it, she will agree and offer you every part of her body.