How to Store Your Doll
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How to Store Your Doll

May 18, 2022289 ViewsShesDoll

How Can You Best Care for Your Doll?

Try to always keep your doll in a place that has reasonable temperature control and out of direct sunlight. UV rays can cause damage to the material as well as discolor exposed areas.

Always be sure to remove clothing that has colored dyes. The dyes in clothing risk staining your dolls skin. If this happens, you can try using a generous amount of mineral oil to remove stains. It’s best to avoid this altogether as they can be difficult to remove. You may leave on articles of clothing that are free of dyes. For example, white cotton clothing. Save the colored clothing for play time, taking photos, or any other short lived activity.

It’s recommended to store your dolls standing upright resting against a wall. If your doll has a large butt, you want to make sure she retains that booty! Having it tightly pressed against a wall may slightly flatten her butt over time. Simply place a pillow behind her upper back in order to keep her body away from the wall. She will still be allowed to stand upright and remain supported by the wall, but that extra distance created from the pillow separating her body from the wall will allow her butt to be free from being squished against a hard surface.

If you have a skinnier doll with less than curvy features, you may not have to be as careful about this. In this case, you can choose to store your doll laying down. However, no matter the body type of your doll, remain mindful that whenever your dolls skin is being compressed for extended periods of time, it may slightly flatten the exposed area.

When storing your doll, be sure to keep her in a relaxed, natural position. Straighten her spine, arms, legs, etc. You may risk micro tearing in her groin if your doll is stored for extended periods of time with her legs spread too far apart. You may risk micro tearing in her armpit area if her arms are cocked too far back.

When you first get your doll, spend a short time getting acquainted with the flexibility of her skeleton. Take note of which positions appear to cause stress and strain. Move her arms and legs around. You will be able to tell how far her legs can be spread or how far back or forward her arms can rest before causing stretching and stress. Avoid positions that cause these as they can cause premature tears.

Supporting The Breasts Of Dolls With A Larger Cup Size:

We highly recommend always supporting larger breast sizes with an appropriate fitting bra, especially if they are H cups or larger and regardless if they are hollow or filled with gel.

Traditional bras seem like the most obvious way to support breasts and they absolutely can be used successfully. However, the thin straps on many bras can be a little unforgiving on a dolls soft skin and can cause stress leading to micro tears in the shoulder/clavicle region. We recommend using a sports bra, bralette, or any bra that has soft, wide straps in the shoulder region and widen throughout the back offering even more support. Bras of this style typically aren’t exact sizes as traditional bras are which display cup size. You’ll see standard sizing such as Small, Medium, Large, etc. They also are fairly elastic so getting a tighter bra shouldn’t pose much of a problem and can even be more ideal for dolls with extremely large breasts. For example, L cups or larger. If you will be storing your doll with a bra on to support her breasts, it’s also important to choose a white bra to avoid potential staining. You can save the colored bras for play time, photo shoots, etc. where the bra will be on for a shorter period of time.

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