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How to Use a Sex doll – Ultimate Guide

June 13, 2022330 ViewsShesDoll

There’s so much hesitation around sex dolls that you have no access to basic queries. You can talk on your burnt ironing coil, hung Macbook, heated iPhone, and broken Lamborghini— but sex dolls? Nah! That’s too evil.

The idea of virtue-signaling has never pleased me. And since you’re here, I’m sure it doesn’t please you either. If you’re looking for crucial information on a sex doll that you want to add to your fantasy, trust me: to hell with virtue-signaling, follow your heart.

And if you still find yourself confused, you’re in a blog piece that’ll talk nuts and bolts of silicone adult dolls and help you win some novelty over these sexy sex dolls. So, let’s position ourselves in our favorite position. Ready? 

#1 Uhh! Where do I find sex dolls…

Well, I have a flat answer to this. If you haven’t purchased one, ShesDoll is an excellent spot to place your order from. Although you may want to look for other manufacturers, SSD comes closest to the human form of sex dolls. 

So the ball is in your court. Decide what stroke you wanna hit.

#2 I want to jump straight over the toy. Shouldn’t I…

And you have received the order and wanna jump over her to live your guilty-pleasure. Afterall, sex dolls are meant for instant gratification. Aren’t they? But… but… but! Here’s the catch— the sexy silicone bitch needs some arousal before you go all hell broke loose on her. What? Arousal! Isn’t that f.stupid?

Yes! By arousal, I mean a sexual ritual that will give you maximum benefit. Please don’t forget these sex toys are not one-time investments. You have to take care of them to max out their effectiveness. So having sex directly with them is a big no-no.

#3 So what do I do now… I can’t wait to have my sexual machine grind her…

As I said, you’ve to comply with a few sexual rituals initially. So before pounding on your sex doll, you’d like to purchase these items.


Silicone adult dolls have body-safe materials and feel natural, unlike jelly or plastic. They last longer if you use lubricants. But one of the easiest ways to break your sexy sex doll is by making the most common mistake— not using these lubes at all.

So your ritual should start with applying lubes in the orifice— be it vagina, anal, or oral opening. This ensures that your penile skin is not injured, and the doll doesn’t have to bear sexual friction.

There are four types of lubes in the market: water-based lubricant, oil-based lubricant, organic-lubricant, and silicone lubricant. 

Antibacterial soap

You have to take care of your sex doll as you would take care of your partner. One good way is to manage its hygiene. The cleaner she’s, the better your health is! You want to make sure the doll doesn’t become a host to microbes such as bacteria. 

So use an antimicrobial soap on her before pouncing on her. Anddd! Don’t rub it hard on her skin. She doesn’t like it that way. You’ll only make her skin rough with hard rubs. Keep the rub gentle. Sanitize her openings and enjoy sexual hook-ups with her.

Vaginal irrigator

A vaginal irrigator is another tool that will help you clean the inners of your sex doll deeply. It’s an enema-sort of a device that lets you maintain her hygiene and use her for long. If you’ve got one, mix some water with soap and irrigate these openings with the liquid.

You’d rather want to use this irrigator before having first sex with her. You never know who played with her before she reached you. And then post-sexual clean-ups are always good ideas. Although our sex dolls have removable inserts (for easy cleaning), doubling-up your cleaning ritual would only prolong her life.

Renewal powder

So when you’re grinding for a good 3 hours a day, chances are she’d lose the charm and sheen which she originally had. Her skin will start losing luster. Why? Because the oil and grime of your body will settle on her skin. These deposits will dilute her beautiful appearance. So you don’t want to be losing interest in your newly-found love.

Renewal powder will help you maintain the luster and enthusiasm of her petty looks. All you have to do is sprinkle and slather them on her skin, and voila! She remains soft and smooth throughout your sexual journey. Please note: you’re not doing her a favor. You’re doing yourself a favor. 

#4 Yeah, yeah! Now you have an entire algorithm for unboxing and assembling the sex doll. Don’t you…

Absolutely! Unboxing and assembling sex dolls is pretty much like those jigsaw puzzles you arranged in childhood. The only difference is: making sex dolls need diligence. 

So you’ve received the parcel, and you’re on cloud nine. Your new spouse is already driving your sexual impulses, and you can’t wait to get comfortable with her on the couch. But I’m up with an unboxing and assembling algorithm which is likely to bore you but will be useful in the long run. So let’s start with being careful.

Move your sex doll package safely to a room that has enough floor space

You might assume your squiddly-diddly doll to be a little too light when she knocks on your door. Boy, oh, boy! But she’s quite heavy. The entire package with a full-size sex doll in it weighs 50 to 80 pound. It would be better if you consider the upper limit upon arrival so that you don’t end up lifting her casually.

Just in case you’re old

If you’re old, or have disabilities, or live on the 13th floor— make sure you have provision to get it delivered. You may pay a delivery fee and get it on your doorstep or ask your neighbor, dear friends, to help you ship up. I’d go for the first one. The second option invites a lot of virtue-signalers, as mentioned.

Use sharp tools like a knife or cutter to unbox

One mistake I always made with cutting my envelope was I would tear off the letters accidentally. That’s how an absent mind may doom your new spouse as well. Excitements always bring tears of joy! And sometimes, stupidity too!

So to open your package, move over your knife over the top edges of the box carefully. Don’t go deep with the knife or cutter. Now is not the right time to go deep. You’ll get chances to penetrate much deeper once you’ve her in hand. The idea is to avoid cutter-damage on our silicone adult doll. Apply your diligence cutting the tape along the seams!

Sanitize your hand

Your new sex doll is a gateway to sexual heaven. You don’t want to be messing up this sacred toy with pristine skin by your dirty hands. I know you want to get dirty with her, but this is not the dirt she wants. I hope you understand what getting real-dirty is. :/

So to touch and avoid any smudge on her skin— sanitize first!

Unpack the head

What’s the most seductive thing about your sex doll? Head obviously! You naughty-head. What did you think? Search for it in the box. Pick it out slowly and remove the wrapping foam. Place the lady close to the package carefully.

Take out all the other accessories

Before we get her body out, we want to clear other trivial stuff from the box. Cleaning bottles, clothes, bags, and storage systems. Such will be your excitement; you’d like to ignore them. But take them out and keep it anywhere for future use.

Once you’ve got them out, the box will be leftover with her body. The second most attractive thing about your sex doll.

Let her be in the box. Tear-off the foam first

Your sexual deprivation would make your rush after her. But it’s time to keep your patience. We’re almost done! Tear-off her foam or cut the wrapper with a scissor. Again, you’ve to be a little cautious. These dolls don’t like sharp objects.

Lift her up

Wrap your arms around her. The softness would send some hard-hitting sexual signals, but please stay focused on assembling her.

Lay her open on the floor

Well, you need to fix your lover before you could fix her in bed. Lay her open and flat on a floor with enough doll room. The best is to have her fixed in a room where you’ll have rumpy-pumpy sessions with her. We want to avoid unnecessary transits.

Attach her head with the body. Put on the wig and clothes too

I’m sure you’re not using her as a fashion mannequin. But if you do, the steps should fold here. Attach her head with the body, drape the lovely doll in your favorite clothes and cosplay wigs, and make her a sexual partner you always dreamt of.

#5 Ughhh! Too much science. Can’t you explain how to use a sex doll…

It is the last step before you get to jump and screw her deeper till the bones. Promise! You wouldn’t enjoy sex unless you dress her up, select her some jewelry, and flip around various sexually-appealing wigs on her head.

So here are the four must-things you need to purchase to add a human element to her.

#6 Finally! I’ve held my urge long. Tell me how to have sex with my sex doll…

Getting laid with your sex doll is not that difficult; in fact, it’s a beautiful experience (you’d anyway find it. No one teaches how to have sex. It just happens). But the thing that might bother you is the quality of the doll.

SSD’s supreme quality dolls have six benefits: no strings attached, no stress attached, you’re up nailing her whenever you want, no pregnancy, change her looks to get new novelties, and extremely-loyal. But the not-so-unrealistic yet the humanely-realistic experience can cost you above $2000.

It would cost you less if you’re only after your body and need some cheap pleasures, but inflatable dolls won’t satisfy you the way SSD’s full-sized silicone adult dolls would. Here are some tips to have sex with your sex doll.

Lubricant tips

Foreplay tips

The sexy sex doll is very close to giving a realistic experience. Her face looks real; her skin feels soft and smooth. The mouth is openable, which allows you to experiment and put your tongue in it.
For an enhanced sexual experience, you’d want to use her tongue, teeth, and deep throat.
To enjoy a stiffy-boner, you’d also like to play with her soft, round, and squeezable boobs and a great spankable-ass.

Vaginal sex tips

Anal sex tips

Oral sex tips

I’d cover cleaning and storing your sex doll in the next section. Till then: jump her bones off until you’re screaming and moaning like a rabid-dog. By the time you’re done ejaculating, I’ll be here explaining the last portion. 

And yeah! I forgot to mention. No more extra spends on condoms. Have more realistic-feels with her than you have in real life with anyone.