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July 18, 2022167 ViewsShesDoll

First, it must be determined that any doll that may trigger pedophilia will not be allowed to be sold, and the smaller styles of dolls offered for selection on the market must contain adult characteristics. All adult love dolls should comply with local laws, and manufacturers take the legality of sex dolls very seriously, and so should buyers.

A news article from March 2021 reported that an Australian man was arrested for buying a sex doll that was too small. You can imagine how serious countries are about child-related crime, to the point of risking catching Neocon pneumonia by arresting the man. It makes you wonder what kind of dolls are legal in which countries, what sizes are okay, and what the laws are for importing real sex dolls. Are physical dolls legal anywhere?

In some countries sex dolls are legal and they are absolutely fine, as long as they are not in the likeness of a minor. But for others, the legality of lifelike sex dolls depends on the country/region where they live, and not all places have the same laws. In some places, sex dolls are 100% illegal (and that does bother me!). In such cases, the real doll supplier cannot supply here unless the law is eventually changed in the location. If the supplier sells and ships dolls to this location, then you will be in trouble with the law and could have your love dolls confiscated and be in trouble with jail time penalties.

In many countries, they are legal as long as they meet the criteria. For example, Australia, Norway, and the United Kingdom impose height restrictions on sex dolls, meaning that the specifications must be greater than 140 cm. Australia has more regulations, not only on height but also on the secondary sexual characteristics exhibited by the doll. It is best not to buy a small doll that happens to be the minimum standard allowed by law, which may also have some implications. For example, in the UK, the standard minimum size of a doll is 140cm, however, it is recommended to order at least 145cm, preferably 150cm and above, to be completely worry-free.

Please Note, The Sex Dolls are illegal in the countries listed below:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somali, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, UAE, Uzbekistan, Yemen.

In fact, ShesDoll checks every order and if we suspect that there may be a problem with your order, we will contact you promptly and confirm the order details to ensure that our customers receive their preferred dolls properly.