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March 22, 202434 ViewsShesDoll

We are overwhelmed by a variety of senses from the moment we open our eyes for the first time in our existence. Our entire life is a blend of sensations that, in essence, contribute to our growth.

When it comes to sex, the senses are essential for enjoying a truly powerful experience. With loving touches, smells that turn you on, tastes, and the sight of your spouse in front of you. It’s all about sensations and intimacy.

Sensory play sex can help to improve your sex life by challenging you and, eventually, allowing you to be more present in the moment and in touch with everything that happens, to feel the texture of the skin and to truly see the beauty of the human body.

When it comes to sex toys, such as a vibrator, you can take the same approach to sex. It doesn’t have to be a frenzied dash to climax, but you can take a moment to savor the experience and all the sensations that flow through your body.


What is Sensory Play Sex?

Sensory sex means engaging as many of your senses as possible to maximize the intensity of sex and experience a strong intimate connection with your partner.

A sexual act of this type diverts attention away from the genital area in general and away from penetration in particular. As a result, you can feel much more comfortable because you no longer need to focus on the everlasting aim of sex, climax, but instead can give yourself time to experience both your own and your partner’s bodies through all of your senses.

In other words, sensory sex entails employing all of one’s senses, including taste, smell, and sight, to enjoy an intimate time with a partner.

Of course, you can have such an experience alone by utilizing a sex toy – such as those from ShesDoll’s collection of sex toys – to get to know your body better and also to discover which erogenous zones you want to explore more.

When it comes to such a private sexual act, it is critical to allow yourself to become intimately acquainted with your body. To start, nipple play can get you in the mood, and from there, things will proceed easily.

How to Engage All Your Senses in Sex

It may appear strange to be assured that sex can be considerably more intense if it extends beyond simple clitoris stimulation or penetration. But, by bringing all of your senses to the scene and allowing them to be your companions in the adventure you embark on alone or with your spouse, the enjoyment can reach new heights, even if you are in a period when you have low libido. In the following sections, we will cover each sense individually and how you may incorporate it into sex to entirely change the experience.


The skin is the largest organ and the one that allows us to experience many emotions throughout our lives through touch, which can range from natural touches (wind, sun) to sexual touches.

Touch is a crucial aspect of any sexual act, but you can boost it in different ways:


The smell is directly tied to sexuality, having a close link with the limbic system, which is also responsible for sexual urges, among other things. As a result, it is ideal to exploit this feeling to heighten the intensity and pleasure experienced during sex.

You can use the following tips to introduce the power of smell into the bedroom:


When it comes to sex, sounds and music in general can play a significant role. Everything from moans of pleasure to your favorite song for intimate moments can help boost your libido and make you genuinely live in the moment.

All you have to do to embrace the potential of hearing in the bedroom is pay attention to your partner, the sounds they make, their breathing, and also your breathing during intense times. And don’t forget to listen to that tune that always makes you think of sex.

Music is still crucial if you want to have moments of intimacy alone because its role does not change no matter how many people are or are not around you.

Even the sound of the vibrator might heighten the pleasure. So, don’t be scared to use a sex toy like the rose vibrator, which, while pretty silent, has specific sounds for the many vibrating patterns you can use.


Taste has always played a significant role in sexuality, which is the reason for the belief, that still exists today, that there are aphrodisiac foods.

Hormonal cues can also be sent through taste. While contemplating this notion, you don’t have to think that bringing a fridge into the bedroom is necessary (although it would not be such a bad idea), but we can refer to a simple kiss, which opens the door to intense hormonal messages in our bodies.

To increase the intensity of this sensation, you can bring into the bedroom anything from edible underwear to chocolate, whipped cream, or strawberries that you can eat directly from your partner’s body.

The key is to concentrate more closely on your partner’s taste.


When it comes to sex, it’s important to take the time to look closely at your partner’s body to send a lot of intense signals. When you have some magic alone time, you can use a mirror while touching yourself, combining two vital senses. It’s a lovely combo!

There are more ways to make sight a gateway to incredibly strong sensations during sex, resulting in the best orgasm you’ve ever had.


Sex is more than just physical contact. Sex is about connection, intimacy, and using all of your senses to create a one-of-a-kind moment and a truly powerful link with your partner.

When you want to have a sexual encounter with your spouse or get to know your body better in private, pay attention to all of your senses to have a genuinely wonderful experience.