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Sex Dolls and Human Women: How do They Compare?

May 11, 2022296 ViewsShesDoll

Sex is an essential part of any comprehensive life, so it makes sense to fully enjoy sex at a high place in your personal priorities. However, it makes sense that wanting more sex and getting more sex are two different things. Unfortunately, the dating scene is not what it used to be, so even casual sex is not as likely as you want.

On the other hand, realistic sex dolls are an increasingly popular way to maintain an active sex life without first finding willing human women. Some people who have dolls for a long time even find that they prefer their dolls to real, living women. But are the two really comparable? If so, what are their respective benefits?

Sexual Experience

Most doll lovers will never forget seeing and touching a real sex doll for the first time. Today’s doll making process is second to none in terms of care, accuracy and artistry, so it’s easy to be shocked that they look and feel like real women. Yes, the equally impressive attention to detail extends to the doll’s internal work.

Because your doll is anatomically as correct as possible, enjoying the doll’s experience through any opening of the doll will make people feel very similar to having sex with a real woman. (just add a little lubricating oil and you can enjoy it!) Some dolls are even equipped with touch sensors and voice boxes, so that they can respond to you in a specific way.

Routine Maintenance

Although traditional dating is definitely an option, there are many reasons why people choose dolls instead of having sex with human women. Even casual, unconditional relationships need to be maintained, and you may not have the time, inclination, or emotional bandwidth.

Dolls do need some maintenance, but these do not constitute emotional labor. When your doll is depressed or struggling, you don’t need to be “present”, and you don’t have to worry that she will leave you for another man. If you work often or like your frequent boy nights, she won’t be angry. You must diligently clean, disinfect and preserve her to maintain her integrity, but basically that’s it.

Cost Effectiveness

Of course, a realistic sex doll represents an investment, especially if you want a doll with a lot of bells and whistles. But this is expected. When you want a doll, your doll is not just a convenient and simple way to enjoy sexual release. She is a real work of art, and art needs to pay a price. However, there are many shopping malls with budget friendly payment plans.

You may also want to consider the price of a doll by considering how much you will spend to replace it with an old-fashioned way. Think about expensive insurance, expensive drinks, restaurant bills, ticket prices and so on! While a night out may not bankrupt the bank, the considerable cost of meeting and dating human women increases over time. In the long run, dolls may be cheaper, especially because there is no guarantee that a particular date will lead to sex.

Availability and Access

Single people may beautify their relationships for various reasons, and continuous and relaxed sex life is one of them. However, as anyone who has a lot of love experience can tell you, having a stable partner does not necessarily mean the end of your long-term sexual frustration. Many days your partner is in a bad mood and refuses to have sex. Long term relationships are known for their sexual habits and dry periods sooner or later.

 There’s a doll in your corner. You don’t have to worry about it. She won’t refuse you or sex because she’s angry with you. You don’t have to worry that she will find any of your stimuli or fantasies offensive. No matter what you want – no matter what you want – you can rest assured, because your doll is happy to meet your requirements. 

While nothing is exactly the same as a traditional human female relationship, the experience of having a sex doll can be very close – especially if you’re interested in a relationship for sexual reasons only. Realistic sex dolls provide a safe, permanent, desirable, exciting and high-quality sex experience.

Most importantly, if you want your doll to be a substitute for the traditional dating experience. When you need her, she will be by your side, but when you don’t need her, she will never hinder you, so she is really the best of the two worlds.