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June 27, 2022236 ViewsShesDoll

In an increasingly developed modern society, everything seems to be sold, and whatever it is may become a victim of commercialization. Our love has also begun to be quantified and instrumentalized. Maybe we did not find out, but observe our lives. We replaced friends in real life with netizens on Facebook and Instagram, replaced family cooking with takeaways and garbage, used Korean dramas to satisfy the fantasy of love, and hero movies to satisfy our desire for self-realization… and various thick curvy sex doll is gradually replacing all living people. Many people’s cognition of love has also been reduced to sex and desire. Fewer and fewer people talk about love, and the delicate and rich emotions related to love seem to be dispensable.


A few days ago, the “New York Times” published a report on the marital status of Chinese people. Reports say that fewer Chinese choose to get married. Last year, 12 million Chinese couples registered for marriage, and this number has declined for the second consecutive year. Consistent with this trend, the number of divorced couples reached 3.8 million last year, more than double the number 10 years ago.

Not long ago, a certain website conducted a large-scale social survey on the current situation of Chinese people’s marriage and love. The survey shows that among about 50,000 respondents, almost 70% of married people regret getting married, and women regret more than men. Another survey conducted by the China Youth Daily Social Survey Center and the Questionnaire Network showed that 61.2% of the respondents indicated that they have a tendency to “fear of marriage”.

Let’s look at a new set of data released by neighboring Japan. A survey by the National Institute of Social Security and Demographic Issues in Japan found that among unmarried men aged 18-34 in Japan, about 69.8% of men have no dating partners, and 59.1% of women, an increase of about 10% from five years ago. In addition, 42% of men and 44.2% of women said they had no sexual experience, and this proportion has also increased.

All in all, there are more and more young people who are unwilling to get married, have no partners, and have no sexual experience. Many people analyze this issue from a sociological perspective, such as the aging of the population and the increasing pressure of marriage; women have a high level of education and no longer regard marriage as the only way to gain a sense of security; the increase in individual independence is unwilling Fettered, etc. However, few people pay attention to a literary perspective. For example, is there such a possibility that young people do not need love and marriage so much?

Young people can live comfortably without marriage. They can achieve happiness through various virtual networks without feeling lonely. Some young people will work in the company, and some young people will work at home. The daily busy work consumes a lot of time and energy, not to mention some other things. After work is over, plus a day’s sleep, there are only about five hours left. At this time young people can find fun by themselves. For example, playing online games, or reading novels, or watching movies. There is no loneliness, even if you need to be loved, you can play with our sex doll. The current sex doll’s function still has some limitations, but in the near future, the sex doll can communicate with you, she can make sounds or can perceive your emotions. You can get spiritual comfort in the sex doll.


More and more young people are reluctant to get married, and some married young people quickly theorize. What is this willing? This is worth thinking about. The crisis faced by modern people is very serious, and it seems that people will no longer force themselves to maintain a marriage. In the past, family relationships were very important. Many families have to live with their husbands or wives for the sake of children or to maintain family stability. Maintain this apparent marriage relationship. In fact, you can see many couples in the current society. The only sign that they are husband and wife is the marriage certificate, and the only thing they maintain is this simple marriage certificate. Except for this, they don’t communicate in life. They have no children. They walk into different rooms as soon as they get home, or in some families the couples do not live together. The feelings between people are getting colder, as if there is no spiritual sustenance and belonging.

Marriage means compromise. If you fall in love with someone, you will force yourself to do something you don’t like to do, just to make the other person happy. So you will be happy when you see the other person’s smile. But this kind of tolerance is only temporary, and the love between you may fade with the passage of time. In the later stages, you may no longer force yourself to do something you want. For example, if you have to tolerate the other person’s temper in the family marriage relationship, she may make trouble unreasonably. And there are many trivial matters in the family. For example, the question of who cleans and who cleans the floor. There may be another child between you. You have to pay for the upbringing of your children, and there may also be differences in educating your children. I face different problems almost every day. But milf silicone sex doll will not let you face so many distress, she will share the burden for you, and always face you with a smile. Will not scream or cry hysterically, she can relax your nerves.


In Shie Hirokazu’s “Air Doll”, the inflatable doll Xiao Wang really has a soul. Xiao Wang was originally just silica gel, a tool for venting a middle-aged uncle, but suddenly one day, she had a heart, thought and consciousness, and someone she liked. Xiaowang expects that he is no longer a silicone that can be replaced, but a unique one. However, when she had such expectations, she realized that she became a “heterogeneous”, because people around her do not need her with a soul, they only need a substitute, one that does not need to spend energy to talk about feelings, pure venting For tools. In fact, it is not just her. Those human beings with souls are also substitutes for modern society. They are mediocre like walking dead, fearing that their work will be replaced.

They are just inflatable dolls on another level. What Hirokazu Ee is trying to express is that what we need is not a substitute, but the interaction, mutual assistance, mutual understanding, and warmth between people. In the movie, he asked Xiao Wang to express the incompleteness of life and the mutual needs between people through the poem “Life” by Hiroshi Yoshino: life may be a completeness that cannot be successful by its own power, and life is essentially cherished. The important lack is fulfilled by the existence of the other. It is like a flower. Even if the stamens and pistils are gathered, it is not enough. It still needs the visit of insects and breeze. We are both the lack itself and the seeds that are sown. We may be the horsefly slowly approaching the blooming flower, or the breeze blowing the horsefly.

We have to admit that sex dolls do bring a lot of happiness to our lives. We no longer need to face too many practical problems. We can put ourselves in sex dolls without worry. Sex dolls can bear our spiritual sustenance. The future development is indeed more and more instrumental, and even us people will be a tool. We cannot change this reality and the future. We don’t know what the future will be, but we must pay attention to our inner needs.

If we need it, then sex dolls are reasonable. We don’t have to endure ourselves to bear an overweight love, it is better to unburden now. Bravely face the truest self. Only after trying a sex doll can we know how good she is in relieving our mental crisis and physical desire. If you also have this kind of distress, it is better to buy an affordable sex doll first try it out, why not try to relax your feelings?