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June 7, 2023122 ViewsShesDoll

It’s not only in the boardroom (and general workplace) that women are seeking equality. For a long time, sex doll play in the bedroom was a private pastime that only men traditionally explored. Women wanting to indulge in some quality ‘me time’ sexual gratification seemed quite happy rummaging amongst the vibrators and clitoris stimulators in their sex toy collection. Many adventurous couples were satisfied to share the orgasmic pleasure with a cock ring that featured a vibrating attachment, or fetish fantasy bondage kits.

Lovers looking for a more meaningful intimate connection are opening their minds to a unique threesome experience that doesn’t involve any messy emotional attachments. A growing number of men and women are discovering a new way to express their sexuality, and to explore secret desires and personal kinks. There’s a newly found prevalence for couples (of all orientations) to buy a silicone sex doll as an addition to their shared sex toy collection.

A Unique Sexual Experience

High quality TPE or silicone sex dolls offer couples an opportunity to engage in group sex, without all of the added complications that are involved with inviting other human partners to join in the adult fun. Unlike the basic love dolls of the past, that featured a rubber body with insertion holes, life-like sex dolls are made from eco-friendly, non-toxic platinum silicone and feature highly detailed sculpting and 3D digital modelling, alloy plus engineering, and full-body joint articulation. The fabulously feminine sex dolls also have smooth, flawless skin, customisable proportions and removable limbs (for easy storage after wild fantasy threesome play). A sex doll offers a unique ultra realism human simulation experience that can be enjoyed by one lover or two.

Many people in long-term relationships look for ways in which to keep intimacy and sex interesting and exciting. For some couples that want to maintain their relationship, the threesome is a popular experimental option, as inviting someone in stops partners looking outside of the relationship for their kicks. As the quaint old saying goes, ‘couples who play together, stick together’. However, there is always the problem that one partner may develop emotional feelings for the new playmate. To eliminate the potential threat, more and more women are encouraging their men to experiment with a silicone sex doll, in their company.

Three-Way Mutual Attraction

The emotional intimacy between two people increases by playing together and sharing activities and interests. An ultra realism synthetic humanoid lover is considered to be a worthwhile investment for loving couples that want to stay together. For bi-curious females, the ménage a trois allows them to openly explore their sexuality, with no emotional threat involved. A realistic sex doll also offers the perfect compromise for men who hanker after different sexual encounters, whilst in a relationship.

A pack away silicone sex doll enhances a couples’ intimate sexual connection and encourages the collaborative exploration of desires and fantasies. A threesome with an artificial companion is a pleasurable and sensual experience for open-minded lovers. Couples can have fun creating their ideal third person together. Whilst the advanced, customised silicone love doll may not yet have a personality, physically she will be perfect!

It’s not unusual for adventurous couples to own more than one sex doll, as having several takes their ultra realism threesome experience to another level. Alternatively, a silicone doll lover that has an interchangeable head offers unlimited possibilities.

If you’re intrigued and keen to extend the boundaries of your twosome, why not invite your partner to browse the latest collection of hot, ultra realism sex dolls with you…