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Sex is an important physiological process to maintain a healthy human body that comes with extreme levels of pleasure. It defines our behavior and existence with a heavy impact on our daily life, physiology and psychology. Now, there are different ways of sexual intimacy that are focused on satisfaction.

Sex toys for the first time were invented in the year 1869 by the American physician George Taylor, and it was a vibrating sex toy to be specific. While the first manufactured sex doll was reported in the year 1908 by Iwan Blosh.  

Whether you are looking for a sex doll of your choice or want to buy sex toys but can’t figure out which one is the best deal for you and why should you prefer one over the other. Depending on the circumstance and personal choices, what could be the right decision? The right decision comes after the right information.

In this article we will explore when buying a sex doll is wise than going for a sex toy? Or when should you choose a sex toy over a sex doll? What should you know before making a decision to start the journey of pleasure?

Here is a glimpse of the headings you need to know. Let’s explore in detail:




Now we are going to explore the world of sex dolls, which are imitating not just the penis or vagina of your partner but the whole company. Let’s discuss it in greater detail:

1. What are sex dolls?

Sex dolls are the replica of humans with a sexy figure and an overall shape and size compatible with human body. They are essentially made of TPE or silicone which gives them a realistic skin tone and touch.

2. What are the different types of sex dolls?

Now let’s classify the different types of sex dolls accordingly which can give you a more precise view of the different kinds of dolls. First, according to different body parts, it can be divided into the following two categories.

Torso Sex Dolls & Full Sized Sex Dolls

Torso Sex Dolls are the minimal form of sex dolls with a sex centered body in which they lack either legs or Hands or in some cases both. On the other hand full sized sex dolls are the complete human replica made realistic to imitate a human life partner that in simple terms called Sex doll. You have a company, if you have a sex doll.

In addition, sex doll websites usually classify sex dolls according to their gender, features,figure, material, region and genre. More detailed categories are listed below:

3. The development and evolution of sex dolls

The history of sex dolls dates back to 17th century where Japanese sailors used to have them on board and were called as ‘dutch wives’ in their very primitive time and shape. It was in the 20th century that their commercial market emerged and they were manufactured for public. They remained the focus of fiction as well as market, transitioning from several stages.

But the pornographic technology had a real boost very recently when the trend for lifelike and realistic sex dolls with features like penetration and real sexual intercourse. Now, the most widely used materials are silicone and TPE that are used for the manufacturing of these sex dolls because of the following characteristics;

But now companies are trying to innovate these sex dolls with new and advanced technologies of robotics by incorporating the world of Artificial intelligence to take them to a whole new level in near future.

4. Advantages of Love dolls

5. Disadvantages of sex dolls

6. When to buy a sex doll?

Real Sex Life

If you deeply think you need the real sexual pleasure in your life and do not want to indulge in a toxic human relation, you might still have a choice. A sex doll gives you enough pleasure and lustful time with realistic sexual pleasure. If this is the situation, you must consider buying a sex doll as it replaces all the toxicity and gives you a chance to have realistic sexual experience.


Some couples are fascinated by the fantasy of threesome but there is often a risk of spoiling the relation. Having a sex doll as a third counterpart makes it possible without risking your relationship as any couple can now buy a sex doll and opt for a threesome sex to fulfil their desires.

Enjoy a relationship!

When you are done with your 9-5 job and return home with naughty intentions, you desperately want someone to spend time with you and hang around. This is a natural human behavior and it gives a sense of happiness and responsibility.

Your sex doll is the dedicated soulless body waiting for you every time to take care of your feelings as it is ready for adventures, cuddle and love.

Have a good Storage Facility

If you can store your sex doll at a good place and have a good storage facility, then you should consider buying a sex doll. Your sex dolls have a good size and their presence can be felt around, and if you want to store them at a good private place, then you must ensure you have enough space.


1. What are sex Toys?

Sex Toys are special devices designed with a sensitivity factor to induce sexual pleasure and facilitate a person to achieve sexual pleasure with their physical use through the process of sensitization. In simple words they are objects that are used to facilitate the process of sex or masturbation to achieve more pleasure.

2. What are different types of sex toys?

There are different types of sex toys all designed with aim to facilitate the process of sensitization and allow humans to achieve better levels of sex satisfaction. We are now going to give you an overview of the different kinds of sex toys to help you clearly understand the nature of different types of sex toys.

Erotic Electro-stimulator:

Electro-stimulators are usually devices that use electric current to produce vibrations. These vibrations are the primary source of stimulation as they rub against the genitals that pass signals to brain which in turn release hormones. In this way the person feels extreme pleasure.

Penetrative Tools:

These are different kinds of penetrative toys that are used for insertion in vagina which in turn induce extreme sensations of pleasure. These devices can be vibrating or non-vibrating penis replica or similar in shape but have extra portions for G-Spot stimulation. They are mostly made of silicone but some are made of other body safe materials such as metal, or steel or even glass in some cases.

Anal Toys:

This is yet another but very important class of sex toys that are tailored specifically for people who enjoy anal sex. They are designed with an aim to allow people to enjoy anal sex with a safe design as they are introduced with a flare base which reduce the chances of getting pushed inside the rectum.

Penile Toys:

Artificial Vaginas which are also often called as male masturbators are absorbing tube like structures, resemble vaginas in shape and inner soft layers with a lined canal to facilitate the process of orgasm by stimulation. In this category, almost all of the different sex toys have a cylindrical inner shape or a penis sleeve where the dick fits in and can be rubbed for stimulation.

3. Introducing several common Sex toys in detail

Now, let’s discuss the some of the most popular models of sex toys in detail. We will be exploring the specific devices to help you better understand the nature of sex toys.

Dildo: A dildo is one of the most common type of sex toys that is most widely used by women and some men as well. It is a replica of male penis with an erect shape which ranges in size from 4 – 6 inches to make it realistic. It is most widely made of silicone which is why it has a smooth but erect shape all the time. It is a penetrative sex toy which is used for penetration in vagina or anus. As discussed earlier, they are mostly used by women but there is no strict rule as it is being used by people of all genders for masturbation and sexual intimacy to achieve intense levels of orgasm.

Anal Vibrator:

Anal vibrators are designed for inducing sexual pleasure by stimulating inner layers of anus by inserting it into the rectum which causes stimulation of prostate in men. They have a flaring base which ensures the anal vibrator remains partially outside of the anus of user to prevent any harm. There are many other types of vibrators that come with variations. One of them is G – Spot Vibrator that have a curved end to allow the stimulation of female G – Spot while using it.

Artificial Vagina:

Artificial vagina is the imitation of female sex organs which is embedded in a device with proper levels of lubrication, softness and an internal warmth to provide all the necessary conditions like a normal human vagina. The internal lines are generally made of rubber, soft plastics, latex or TPE depending on the type of artificial vagina.

4. Advantages of Sex Toys

5. Disadvantages of Sex toys

6. When to buy a sex toy?

Sex toys are desperately needed under certain conditions and if you want to know why and under what circumstances you should own a sex toy, here are the reasons;

Short Budget:

If you are short on budget and affordability matters the most to you. Sex Toys are probably the best fit for you since they are cheap to buy and you can easily adjust you budget to buy some really awesome sex toys for yourself to feel better and contended.


One of the remarkable feature of sex toys is their convenience in use. Since they are highly portable, there is no hassle in handling them. So, if you want to have the freedom to use them with ease and then store them with ease without any extra care required, you might want to buy sex toys.

Time Efficiency:

If cannot dedicate a good amount of time and that is why need to do things quickly with low handling and time dedication required, you have better buy a sex toy. It definitely takes very little time in cleaning and the best part is its efficient use. Depending on your time management schedule, sex toy might be a good choice for you.


If you travel quite often, either because of your job or being passionate about it, you had better buy sex toys for yourself. This is because sex toys can easily be packaged and taken along without any fear of increasing the burden. They can even be adjusted in your purse or bag.


If you are an introvert and often worried about your privacy and cannot socially claim sexual relation, sex toys are the best choice for you. Since they occupy very little space, this feature can help you maintain your privacy.


Now you have a good idea of what is the best choice for you. You can decide based on your personal choices and conditions. Please consider that the article focuses on facilitating you to better decide what could possibly be the best purchase for you. If you still need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach us!

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