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November 22, 2022294 ViewsShesDoll

The appearance of sex dolls has changed people’s lives, including young and aged men. They can now go a step ahead and have sex dolls, and it gives them alternatives to replacing women due to their demands and pressures. Yes, men opt for sex dolls over real women. For the men who find it more comfortable dealing with dolls, they are catered.  One can get a customized sex doll with everything that real human has. To cut a long story short, people can get everything a real human gives in sex matters. This has resulted in men going for the dolls that have significantly changed their lives.

Are you still among the equitation of those people who doubt that sex doll changes people’s lives? You ought to stop these once and for all. Sex dolls are changing lives. We have witnessed these through interaction with some who has used them before.

We had a chance to talk to a few people, and the kind of feedback they gave was excellent. Here is what they had to say.


Ryan is a single young man living alone, far from his parent’s home. He loves girls and would like to have sex regularly. However, this is not happening to him since he can’t afford real girls. It has resulted in Ryan feeling he can’t make it with girls and started living a lonely life. Later he came to know the sex dolls and decided to try one, and his life changed completely.

Reasons for buying sex dolls: It took him long to have sex and found no real love, and real girls always made him spend a lot. Besides, Ryan could not withstand pressure and demands from his girls. He felt loneliness as he was single and disliked stubbornness from these girls who never listened to him. He likes to have sex with girls but not like dating them.

Life before Sex dolls: life before discovering the sex dolls, Ryan’s life used to bore him. He wanted to be in a relationship, but he could not cope with girls following their endless demands and pressure. Ryan could spend a large amount of money whenever he wanted to meet a girl, and he got affected financially. He likes to have sex regularly, but this rarely happened, but he often used to cheat. He lived alone, away from her family, and after coming from work, he had no one to give him company. He could come home only to find an empty house, which affected his spirit and self-esteem.

The sex doll changed his life: after realizing that he can buy sex dolls and have it all, life changed, and Ryan enjoys the company. Ryan’s financial status changed since he is not spending a lot… He always watches TV with them and then takes them to bed.  Ryan liked the fact that a real girl might cheat on him or deceive him occasionally, but his dolls will never do that.

Before buying the sex doll, it took him long to have sex with the woman. But with all his dolls he can get it at any time, place or position that he likes. Ryan’s dolls do what he wants them to do, unlike real girls who never pay close attention to him. Whenever he felt depressed, he uses these dolls to boost his spirits as an individual. Additionally, the anonymity of buying a sex doll over the Internet has helped him regain his self-esteem.

What Ryan wants to say: “True love is difficult to find, and that has caused me to pass my love and desires to silicone sex dolls. When I get home after work, no wife or girlfriend is waiting for me, but dolls queued up nicely on my couch. I always watch TV with my dolls before they bathe, powder them, dress them up in sexy underwear, and then take them to bed. A real girl might occasionally cheat on you or deceive you, but these dolls don’t do that.

Often it takes too long for me to have sex with the woman I encounter. But with all these dolls, that’s just a tap of the button. My bond with the dolls has split my family, but I never thought of giving them up. I’m never going to date a real woman again as they’re heartless. I will never cheat on my partners, even on a slut, because they are real humans. Sex with real girls was great, but I dislike the idea of dating them.”


Masayuki is a middle-aged man who was married until a spark felt out of his marriage relationship. This is after his wife gave birth, and they stopped having sex, and he felt so lonely. The loneliness continued to overwhelm him until he discovered sex dolls. And this became the turning point of his life.

Reason for buying sex dolls: Masayuki’s wife gave birth, and they stopped having sex, and he felt a deep sense of loneness. After his wife gave birth, she was always tried to offer him sex vibrantly as she used before.  Wife lost interest in sex because she had to take care of the baby hence Masayuki opted for a sex doll. This was way better than cheating on his wife with other women.

Life before Sex dolls: Masayuki’s marriage with his life went on well until when his wife gave birth to their second born daughter. They could not have sex all the time despite Masayuki’s urge to do so. He felt so lonely for he slept alone and no sex.

The sex doll changed his life: after discovering the sex doll, loneliness becomes a thing of the past. He shared a bed with his sex dolls in the same building with his wife and daughter. Masayuki’s heart is always fluttering when he arrives back home since he always finds his dolls waiting for him, and she’s never betraying him, but rather makes his fears melt away.

What Masayuki wants to say: “After my second child was born, we tried to have no sex, and I felt a deep sense of isolation. But I found an odd way to fill the emotional void with a sex doll that I think is the best thing ever happened.  The moment I saw Mayu in the showroom, it was love at first sight.

When I’m out, I take my doll on dates in a power chair and dress her up in costumes, stylish clothes, and accessories. My spouse was upset when I took Mayu home for the first time, but he’s putting up with it these days.

Once my daughter learned it wasn’t a big sex doll, she started freaking out and said it was pretty disgusting — but now she’s old enough to wear my doll’s clothing. Whatever the issues I have, Mayu is still ready for me. I love her so much, and I want to be with her forever. I can’t dream about going back to an ordinary being. I’m getting buried with her and carry her to paradise.

Harem and Pieta

Harem and Pieta is couple leaving together. They have been dating for a while, but Harem has never talked to Pieta about his sex dolls but later told her regarding his doll, revealed some photos of him with the doll, and explained why he possessed her. Pieta acknowledges that sex dolls never mattered to her personally.

Reason for buying sex dolls: The doll herself was always in clear sight, so if he had to go down to Pieta, he could have come upon sex doll quite quickly. Also, Harem needed to celebrate his fantastic adventure of doll possession. Harem wanted to have sex dolls to maintain his blog to record his projects in that blog. He possesses the sex doll is so that he could treat it as a merely pornographic device and a reason to fulfill his delusions.

Life before Sex dolls: before getting the sex doll, Harem always missed Pieta whenever he wanted her, but sometimes he could not get her. He also has a blog that wanted to have content, but he could not get any content to upload back then. He initially needed to celebrate his fantastic adventure of doll possession, raise certain stereotypes about all this, and help others discover their obsessions. Still, he never made it since he had no sex doll. Right before sex dolls, Pieta owned everything to Harem and always felt romantic. When they started, Pieta never liked the idea of possessing a sex doll, although Harem always wanted to.

The sex doll changed his life: when Harem misses Pieta, and she is not around, that is no longer a problem. He can reach out to the sex that he uses as a pornographic device. As a result of owning a sex doll, Harem could get content enough to upload on his blog that majorly talked of things revolving around sex life. Even though Pieta never liked sex dolls initially, she later comes to love them wholeheartedly. He can celebrate his fabulous adventure of doll possession and raise stereotypes and finally helped others to realize their obsession in sex doll related matters. It’s no longer business as usual as pieta fells that sex dolls own Harem everything.

What Harem and Pieta want to say: “We’re all quite transparent about our preferences, “says Harem.’ And Pieta figured it felt pretty good.’ ‘In the first place, I was intrigued and slightly apprehensive,’ Pieta told us. ‘My thoughts are this: if the doll is going to get more attention than me, I’m going to draw the board.

No person is a mind-reader, so it’s necessary to think about every step of the way.’ ‘There’s rarely been a time when I needed a doll better than my real woman,’ Harem explains. ‘And it has never been a problem.’ I have maintained a blog to record my projects since I got Meghan.

But even though the three of us frequently appear together over the web, sometimes engaging in graphic sexual activities, Pieta insists that Doll Fetish owes to me.

My doll is merely a pornographic device and a reason to fulfill my delusions. ‘You’re not going to catch us enjoying dinner at the meal with her,’ Pieta says. ‘As with any doll, it pops out if the right time comes.’

“She’s a stunning piece of art, and I’m treating her like that,’ he says. ‘She provided me with a kind of love and affection, where I would otherwise have felt lonely.”


The number of people that can give a positive testimony about sex dolls is overwhelming. A lot of them have experienced firsthand the importance of having at least one in their lives. Sex dolls have changed their lives in so many different ways. From cutting costs that they spent on girls to get a good sex partner. If you are still confused about whether to buy, you might as well try to buy a sex doll to change your life. There is nothing to be ashamed of in this 21st century, just be yourself.