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The Story of A Man and Life Size Doll

June 3, 2022431 ViewsShesDoll

A man and his wife died shared their story with the world. The anonymous husband married his high-school sweetheart a decade before. But, this year they learned that his wife has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. They recently moved to a more convenient location to be close to their family. The husband is still trying to decide how to approach and make the last moments of their marriage meaningful and happy. He doesn’t wish his wife see his fear and rage or guilt.

Before she became ill, their sex lives were mostly intimate. For some time, he has remained silent about discussing sex as the two of them are dealing with the woman’s current life and death situation. But, he wanted his wife to feel as beautiful or desirable as ever. They tried to figure out other ways they could maintain their sex relationship without using penetration. His wife considered buying a Life Size Doll to solve her husband’s sex life.

They Are Now in a Near Death Situation

The couple is now facing near-death. According to the man it is possible to not have sex once again with his wife as long as she lives. But their situation is worsening and they cannot have sex. He wants to do the best he possibly can for her in the time remaining. His main concerns are her happiness, comfort, and happiness. The husband is also pondering whether he should assume sexual pleasure is his only concern. He also wants to know if he should show his wife other options while he still has some time.

Such as Life Size Doll

He is also feeling guilty for not having a wife. The couple have always been close. He is afraid of the idea that he could be dating and of being in a culture of hookup. He is sure that his wife would be happy for him to find another love.

He doesn’t desire his wife leaving and he doesn’t want him to be alone. He finds the best thing about the time they spend together is snuggling in their bed. Unfortunately, she is unable to do so due to medical reasons.

One part in the husband yearns to find solace through realistic sex-dolls. He desires to hold someone in order to make their bed more comfortable. He is not sure if it is a crazy idea. However, he thinks it was truly insane. The objectification of women can be viewed as buying and possessing a sex-doll. You could also spend the money that he would have to pay for this realistic-looking doll on other worthy causes. It is not a secret that Life Size Doll are very expensive. In this case, the money he would be spending to buy one could be used instead to prolong the lives of his wife.

Last Thoughts

It’s okay for the man to send his thoughts and even his exact words to his wife in a letter. This is especially true since his wife’s happiness as well as his comfort is his first priority. Also, the husband might be right in thinking that his wife does not want to have sex. But he could ask her if they are interested. You should be careful about what you ask, as it might sound demanding. He must also be willing to listen and not take no for an explanation. If the husband is concerned about her happiness and comfort, then he should speak to her about possible ways to make her remaining time more pleasant. If sex is a request she makes, then that’s fine. If it is not on her list of requests, she should immediately accept it.

Additionally, it could be awkward if the man introduces his wife to a Life Size Doll that lacks expression and emotion. The fears that the dolls might objectify women are understandable. However, dolls do not objectify females. Instead, it’s the cheap sex dolls that make women feel sexy. It doesn’t matter if the man isn’t aware of the differences between animate or inanimate.

Toys that are real . If they’re viewed as toys, they don’t objectify women.

While it is true that money can be spent on more important things, However, unless he is serious about making a poor vow, there may be some things in his personal life that count as indulgences. If he is able to save enough money to pay for more important expenses, then he can spend on a Life Size Doll .