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What are the Differences Between Wig and Implanted Hair?

June 18, 2022230 ViewsShesDoll



Price – Wigs come free with every doll, and buying a new one is only around $20.

Interchangeable – It is very easy to swap wigs and give your doll a completely new look 

Sex – choosing the wig option means the same soft TPE for the body is used, which makes the oral sex function of the doll’s head much more enjoyable. 

Durability – Having the wig allows you to be a lot rougher with your sex dolls head during playtime, perfect those those who want to see her gag or fuck her mouth hard. 


Realism – A quality and well fitted wig will can look very good, but it is no comparison to implanted hair. 

Touch – The vast majority of wigs will use synthetic hair. We use a very high quality synthetic brand but it does not have the touch and smell of real female human hair. Human hair wigs are available but with much less color and style options, and much more expensive.

Stability – The wig can often fall off during movement, easy to put back on but a bit annoying when suddenly the girl you are having sex with goes bald!



Realism – it does not get more real than real implanted human hair. The touch, smell and look is exactly like a real women, because it is from a real women. Seeing the hair follicles makes such a difference, and feels exactly like being with a real women. 

Style – With implanted hair we can easily create any style, color or haircut for you. 


Price – Implanted synthetic hair will cost around 300 usd extra, or 500 usd for real human hair. 

Time – Each hair is individually implanted. This process takes 1 – 2 weeks, and could delay your order even longer if there is a queue. 

Color match – We have to use a harder TPE material to accommodate for implanted hair, different to the soft TPE for the body. This means a different TPE batch, which can sometimes result in a slight color difference. 

Sex – the harder TPE does make oral sex significantly harder, and although possible it will be too tight to enter for most men. 

Loose hair – it is easy for the hairs to come out if the head is not handled carefully. They are able to be implanted back in but this is a careful and skilled task.

Our Conclusion 

Different people use sex dolls for different reasons, so you should make your decision based on your personal priorities. 

If you are buying a love doll primarily to release your sexual urges, you like a lot of sex, can get a bit rough and are not the most careful then I would recommend the wig option. It will also save you a lot of money. 

If you are buying a love doll as a companion then I would strongly recommend the implanted hair option. Many owner mainly value that time relaxing at home with their doll, or lying in bed together. For these moments implanted hair looks, smells and feels so real that it brings a whole new level to this experience. 

The dream option would be to buy two heads, one with implanted hair and the other with the wig. It takes seconds to switch a sex doll’s head and this gives you the best of both worlds.