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November 21, 2022300 ViewsShesDoll

One of the many reasons why China is prominent in the market is the high number of manufacturers in the country. With a high population and low raw material costs, there are a high number of manufacturers. The same is the case with the sex doll industry. The industry is full of sex doll manufacturers that come from China. This article will explore the reasons why most of them are from China and will elaborate on the perks of buying sex dolls from these manufacturers.


A Top Producer

China is the leading manufacturer of goods, including sex dolls. The reason you’ll find most sex doll manufacturers from China is that these dolls are produced and supplied the most from China. An estimate shows China supplies 70% of the total sex toys in the world. In addition, there are over 1000 manufacturers in the domain, the highest amongst other countries. The market is estimated to be over $2 billion.

Gender Imbalance Generates Demands

Another reason for such a high number of suppliers from China is the raging demand for these dolls. China faces the issue of gender imbalance with 1.4 million men more than women in the country. The demand for having a partner around was quite high during the pandemic. This led to sex doll manufacturers increasing their production to accommodate the domestic needs of lonely men. However, the issue isn’t just in China.

A surge of demands was seen during the pandemic from both single and couples with an increase of 51% during the first quarter of 2020 and 33.2% onwards. China uses this as an opportunity to increase its exports. Since local shops in countries import mostly from China, you’ll find most of their suppliers to be Chinese due to their high production capability in the industry.

Client Demands and Custom Orders

Not everyone is interested in sex. According to manufacturers in China, most of them are also contacted for custom orders. These orders comprise custom dolls that are created for display purposes on many store outlets. China’s biggest eCommerce store, Alibaba saw a 50% increase in sales in the last year for the orders of adult products.

In addition, some clients want to have the company of the dolls in the remembrance of their loved ones. These clients often want the dolls to be manufactured based on the attributes of their lost ones. Such custom orders and the high demand for sex dolls from foreign countries enables China to increase the number of manufacturers, leading to an overall high number of sex doll manufacturers in the world.

Chinese Manufacturers Create Unique Dolls

Those that are a fan of sex dolls, they are in constant search of finding something extraordinary. In their research, they end up contacting Chinese manufacturers. The reason is that China is continuously developing new sex dolls that are having unique features. Most recently, it is integrating AI modules and high-grade thermoplastic silicone that makes the doll even more realistic. Since there is no boundary on the production, Chinese suppliers easily take up the market space from others. In a recent reveal, a sex doll costing around $4000 will be able to offer pleasure, turning on the dishwasher and engaging in small talks. Something one cannot expect to find in local adult stores.

Better Application of Liquid Silicone Rubber

Liquid silicone rubber or LSR is a high-end product that is used in manufacturing rubber parts. It’s used in molding processes, giving better outputs with 24/7 functionality. Though not a single country dominates this domain, the companies controlling the supply are mostly situated in China, the USA, and Europe. However, China’s large number of manufacturers gives them the opportunity to commercialize LSR. One of the prime sources in the production of sex dolls, which is why China is able to export almost 70-80% of the total sex doll supply around the world.

Advantages of Chinese Sex Doll Manufacturers

Customized Dolls

Don’t you’ll love when your sex doll resembles any celebrity? Be it an actress, model, or even a pornstar. One of the many advantages of buying from Chinese sex doll manufacturers is that you can get customized dolls. As highlighted earlier, Chinese sex doll sales are quite high with up to 4000 dolls produced by a single manufacturer and about 1500 sold in a day by Taobao. Among the ones ordered, customers often order customized dolls. These dolls can vary in terms of body shape and size, measurements, face, hair, genitals, etc. So, if you’re looking to buy one that is one of a kind, Chinese manufacturers are the ones you contact with.

High Implementation of LSR Ensures Premium Quality

Chinses sex doll manufacturers utilize liquid silicone rubber that is a high quality thermoplastic silicone used for rubber molding processes. Though you can get sex dolls of refined quality from local stores, China’s growth and control on the share of LSR is 33% whereas it’s 29% for the US and 19% for Europe, the biggest shareholders. Another reason why Chinese sex doll quality is better is the favorable environment for the use of LSR.

The main factors that allow the successful integration of LSR in any industry include technology, low raw material cost, and customer support. China manages all three factors with efficiency. Manufacturing is the core sector for the Chinese economic progress. It does so much to keep improving in efficacy. The raw materials cost is low in China and labor is cheap as well, which makes it easier for deploying manufacturing projects in no time. Thus, setting up a sex doll production factory is easy for China as compared with other countries.

As a result, manufacturers are able to produce premium sex dolls in larger numbers as compared with the rest of the manufacturers in the world.

Most Sellers Import From China

Accounting for almost 70-80% of sex toys and dolls supply around the world, most sellers import from China. Alibaba, AliExpress, Taobao, etc. are some of the leading sellers that are able to supply in bulk or short orders to their customers. What you find in the local store placed on the premium counter will be available in bulk from Chinese sellers. No need to settle for less as you can buy from a better collection from Chinese sex doll manufacturers.

MPricing Edge

Again, visiting a local adult store will not only give you limited options for sex dolls, but the prices will also be high. Local sellers often import goods from China in bulk. The retail cost of these products is usually less than half of what they sell. If you’re getting a product at $100 for example, the seller acquired it for less than $50. The reason for the high price is the delivery cost and profit margin they have to keep.

Buying directly from Chinese sex doll manufacturers will save you from hefty costs. With a better variety to choose from, you can save extra costs on the dolls. All you’ll have to do is pay for the doll and delivery charges. In some cases, the suppliers may even offer complimentary discounts or a gift hamper if you’re lucky.

Sellers Won’t Give Quality Assurance

Another reason that makes buying manufacturers a better choice from a local adult is the assurance of quality. Stores will be getting their products from the manufacturers; however, they won’t be offering any guarantee for the sex doll in case any damage occurs. Manufacturers can provide quality assurance as well as refund money in case quality is compromised. In this case, China being the biggest supplier sits on the top for buying the dolls. It offers quality assurance reports that one can use in case of any dispute. In other words, your money is safe in case the doll gets damaged during delivery or within the guarantee period.

Chinese Are Bringing Innovation In Sex Dolls

As stated earlier, the dolls manufactured in China are not undergoing changes in appearance, but the producers are working on introducing innovations in them. From moving eyes to the torso, making small conversations, and remembering your birthdate, Chinese are coming up with ideas to enhance sex doll experiences. And what better is it to buy from someone that is making efforts to bring the best for their customers?

Easily Available

Amazon has an adult section featuring one or two sex dolls, a number of torsos, and lots of sex toys and accessories. However, you’ll find a wide range of sex dolls on some of the leading eCommerce sites in China. The reason is that manufacturers feature their products openly. It promotes manufacturers to feature their products and sell them to customers worldwide. You’ll face a hard time selecting a doll from the collection, but you’ll find a number of Chinese manufacturers easily.


The sex doll industry in China is booming and it’s generating great opportunities for the sex doll manufacturers due to the high demand for the dolls. With cheap labor and raw material cost as well as being the biggest manufacturer in the world, Chinese manufacturers are the ones that can reap booming profits in the industry. Furthermore, with the increase in innovation in terms of design, accessories, and perks added to the dolls, it’s easy to get the desired sex dolls from them. Moreover, with manufacturers accepting custom orders, one can easily get custom-made sex dolls from these manufacturers, which provides the opportunity for them to increase their business.