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FunWest Doll | #031 Eudora 157cm/40kg C-Cup

Eudora is from Judith Laverne Hopps in Zootopia. Judy Hopps, the determined bunny of Zootopia, captivates audiences with her unwavering ambition and inspiring journey. Her character image showcases her spirited personality, unwavering determination, and belief in the power of unity. As a symbol of breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes, Judy serves as a role model for audiences of all ages. So, join Judy Hopps on her thrilling adventure in the world of Zootopia and discover the limitless possibilities that await when determination knows no bounds.


JXDOLL | Umi 170cm/33kg D-Cup

JXDOLL brings you the best quality experience and service.We promise: the doll is made of 100% of the medical-class TPE or silicone We offer the best selection of sex dolls and a wide range of TPE realistic Sex dolls. Our sex dolls are made from TPE materials and premium silicone, and these are true replicas of women with the particular focus on the sensations that they give, the softness of their skin and their generous shapes, these dolls have soft skin that you will love touching.


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