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Starpery | Sunniva 172cm/38.5kg F-Cup

Starpery offers incredibly realistic dolls with some amazing custom options. All of their heads are silicone which offer an ultra realistic look. They also offer the option to choose between a TPE and silicone body! They quickly established themselves as being one of the top brands offering some of the most lifelike, quality dolls on the market today.


Irontech | S40 Eileen 164cm/43kg E-Cup

Introduces the Hybrid Doll 164cm Plus S40 Eileen with dark-tanned skin, a versatile companion sex doll designed to bring comfort and enjoyment throughout your day and night. During the day, embrace its companionship as you engage in daily activities, whether watching TV, reading, or simply having someone to talk to. Capture its beauty through photography or explore various fashion styles with dress-up fun. As night falls, let the doll help you unwind and relax, creating a cozy atmosphere for movie nights or providing a comforting presence for meditation and reflection. For those seeking physical comfort, it can be a cuddle buddy or a reassuring sleep companion

Original price was: $2,499.00.Current price is: $1,699.00.

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