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FANREAL | Ling 163cm/36kg C-Cup

I am Ling and I have just turned 22. Maybe you can not see it on me, but unfortunately I am a bit shy. Since I come from a family with very strict parents, I was raised very conservative and determined. I was even given private lessons so that I wouldn't get into a class with any boys, can you believe it? Currently I am studying economics. Besides my studies, I like to meet with my girls and exchange the latest gossip of the city. Sometimes they tell me about their bedtime stories over a glass of wine and I pretend I can join in. It's just uncomfortable for me to admit that I'm still untouched. I have always followed…


6YE Doll | Head N86 | Valery 165cm/41kg F-Cup

6YE Doll was one of the earliest brands to design sex dolls with exaggerated waist-to-hip ratios. These dolls have wide hips, large buttocks, sexy thighs, but their waists are very slender. 6YE Doll is one of the earliest doll factories in China and 6Ye focuses on product development, creating a batch of sex dolls that have obvious 6Ye characteristics and are very popular.


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