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FUDOLL | Miyuki 148cm/30kg D cup

FUDOLL is a hybrid dolls created by a team of skilled technicians with years of experience in the sex doll industry.


FANREAL | Ling 173cm/35kg E Cup

I am Ling and I have just turned 22. Maybe you can not see it on me, but unfortunately I am a bit shy. Since I come from a family with very strict parents, I was raised very conservative and determined. I was even given private lessons so that I wouldn't get into a class with any boys, can you believe it? Currently I am studying economics. Besides my studies, I like to meet with my girls and exchange the latest gossip of the city. Sometimes they tell me about their bedtime stories over a glass of wine and I pretend I can join in. It's just uncomfortable for me to admit that I'm still untouched. I have always followed…


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