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ZELEX | MARIE ROSE 85cm/7kg B Cup

Marie Rose is a top quality cosplay style miniature sex doll from world renowned manufacturer Zelex made entirely of silicone. This is a 85cm miniature doll that has a lifelike B-cup shaped body, a beautiful butt and long blonde hair. This doll is an exact scale-down of Zelex's popular 147cm doll in the same style. Marie Rose is a character from the famous video game Dead or Alive and this doll is very similar to the source of inspiration.


Piper | Elsa 155cm/41kg E Cup

All TPE heads come with a built-in tongue. All dolls come with a hanging hook. All heads are seamlessly attached to the body. Multiple vagina texture cholce for each doll. Piper Dolls use a premium silicone blend to bring you an excellent quality doll designed by the legendary Mizuwali. Piper Dolls are known as one of the only brands to use a realistic seamless neck to flawlessly join the head with the body without any gaps in the neck.


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