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SANHUI | Xiaoyou 小优 | All In One 145cm/24kg C-Cup

Xiaoyou(小优) is a pure and lovely girl with a youthful appearance. She has just graduated and has no plans for her job. She doesn't know any other skills, but she doesn't want to rely on her parents. She unexpectedly became an internet celebrity. Occasionally receiving some advertisements, her life became very peaceful. Like her, contact us. Sanhui 145cm AIO's integrated head and body design removes the connecting line between the neck and the body. This doll looks more real, but the disadvantage is that the user cannot change the head, so if you buy a Sanhui entity doll with a head and body, then You need to love that head very much.


My Loli Waifu | 玲奈 Rena 148cm/27kg B-Cup

Rena is a high school girl, 148cm with B-cup small size breasts, she has flat chest and teen vagina. she is innocent, adorable. Don't you want to take her home?


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