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XYcolo | Gem 170cm / 5ft7in C Cup

This special doll by XYcolo is made with Organic Silicone PRO material. It's among the highest quality premium materials we have seen. It's created using 10 layers of skin to recreate the natural feel of human skin. There is even simulated muscle! It is also a very durable material that will last for years if taken care of.


Peaches 168cm / 36kg I Cup

Peaches has sexy brown hair, her body is very sexy, her skin is as shiny as honey, you can feel her skin is like a real woman, can bring you a variety of different experiences . The moon hides in the clouds, if she is already asleep, then you have to secretly kiss her. Her expression will have a sweet taste, and her face will be faintly red. She is like an angel, bringing you a magical experience in heaven. If you are still looking for your dream lover, I believe she must be your best choice.


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