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FANREAL | Vivi 172cm/35kg E Cup

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Hello, I am Vivi, and I am 27 years old. I’m the daughter of a rich lawyer. My father always says I’m a spoiled brat. He’s rich, isn’t he? He can afford anything. Is it any wonder that I have certain standards? I’m almost done with school. Fortunately, I don’t have to work afterward, because my father is rich. Maybe I’ll treat myself to some time off and travel the world. Maybe to Japan!

I really love anime. Sometimes, I dress up in cosplay like my favorite characters. I have to admit that I have not had any sexual experience with a man or a woman. Just with myself and my anime porn. But I’m sure I know how it works, thanks to my porn! I could probably really get you off!

My father defends dangerous criminals and wants to protect me from the oh so evil, big, wide world. This really pisses me off! I don’t want to wait any longer for my first time! I’m ready to lose my virginity. Preferably today. Why don’t we meet in secret? Maybe after school. Then my father won’t catch wind of it.






Light Pink








Implanted synthetic hair(+$150.00)

Implanted real human hair(+$400.00)











Light Brown



Heavy Hair(+$40.00)

Medium Hair(+$40.00)

Light Hair(+$40.00)

Fixed Vagina

Removable Vagina(+$30.00)


Light Brown





French Natural




Shrug Skeleton(+$50.00)

Face & Body Realism(+$90.00)

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Fanreal Vivi 172cm/35kg  E Cup
Fanreal Vivi 172cm/35kg  E Cup
Fanreal Vivi 172cm/35kg  E Cup

TPE Body + Silicone Head / Full silicone




Under Bust:


E Cup






Leg Length:










Carton size:

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1 review for FANREAL | Vivi 172cm/35kg E Cup

  1. Dean

    I can only speak of the brand Fanreal but through the process of buying a doll from ShesDoll, I can see that they care about a fair price-performance ratio and high customer satisfaction. They checked my doll before sending it to me to ensure it is in top condition. I personally think the quality of my Fanreal doll is amazing. I was actually quite shocked at how real they looked when I checked out the product pictures. To think that they were this realistic in real life … unbelievable.

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