6 Best Sexual Positions With Your Love Doll
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6 Best Sexual Positions With Your Love Doll

May 11, 2022706 ViewsShesDoll

The most popular question when it pertains to having sex with dolls is.

What positions can they do?

They can do any position a real woman can do! But I recommend you do it on a bed, sofa, or table as it’s easier to move them around into different positions. Some standing sex positions with your beauty are difficult. Possible, but difficult. As the doll’s feet are not that stable for moving them around sexually. Be sure to find a position to support her body when standing is required.Here are 6 breathtaking sex positions you can try with your sex doll to have more pleasurable sex.

Missionary Position

The most popular sex positions for all, but if you do that, please make sure you do it on a bed, sofa, or table. You can do it either standing beside the bed or in bed on top of her. Only practice will teach you to find that right angle of her pelvis, how far forward to bend her legs, or how wide to spread her legs. Once you find that sweet spot, it’s great.PRE STEPS: With the doll on her back, bend her legs up and forward and tip her pelvis up a bit if need be to get access to the vagina. Place arms at the side to stabilize the doll.

Doggy Style Position

This life-size doggy style position is easy to do. Your baby is on her hands and knees. Do the PRE STEPS to prop her into that position, and adjust as you need to. It’s inviting and offers you an amazing experience! Remember, don’t put your weight on top of her, her arms and hips are not designed to carry more weight than her own.PRE STEPS: With the sex robot on her backbend her legs, knees, and arms into the position for doggy style, and lift her straight up and place her in the middle of the bed. Enough said, the rest you can figure out.

Girl On Top (aka Cowgirl, a Real Doll Ranch girls specialty)

It a fun position, but you need to be strong enough to pump her and get her jumping up and down off your body. The feeling when you fully thrust up into her is amazing!PRE STEPS: With the doll on her back, bend her legs and hips to the position she would be in on top of you. You can insert yourself in her and pick her up and turn around and lay back on the bed and she falls into position on top of you. Your feet dangle off the edge of the bed.

Bent Over

This sex position is a really popular one that has been used by couples over many years. In this position, you make your sex beauty stand in an inviting way and enter her from behind. The bent-over position can be really sexy and provide for anal or vaginal penetration or both.You can also make the beauty wear a pair of sexy high heels to add extra hotness, and to make her stand in a flat but sexy way – pushing out her butt. This position can increase your fun, even more, depending on the object you use to bend over. Try couches, beds, chairs, pillows. Make sure nothing abrasive to protect your doll’s soft silicone or TPE skin.PRE STEPS: Hold your baby from the back and stand near a bed or a table. Bend the love doll over the surface of the table or bed but still standing, and the bend should be at the waist.

Sex Against The Wall

If you’re one of the men who love their partners to stand against the wall and enter them from behind, you can use this position with your adult doll too. The corner of the room would work as the best place because the walls would provide the necessary support to make her stand straight. It’s ideal for sex in kinky places like the shower, balconies, etc. It’s also great for deep penetration!PRE STEPS: Make her stand in the corner of the room, facing outwards, meaning her back should be towards you and you should be holding her from behind. Spread the arms of the doll against the wall to maintain the balance of her body. Lift one of her legs up and you’re all ready to go deep inside her.


Spooning is the most intimate sex position of all time. If you want to have sex with your beauty while lying on the bed or if you’re looking for a more intimate position, the spooning position can work very well for you and your sexy beauty.The spooning position provides for the hottest and smoothest penetration. It’s ideal for heavier sexual dolls as you don’t need to carry them around in awkward positions. It’s great for body heat. Because you are so close to your sex doll, your body heat heats her up and makes sex feel even more real.PRE STEPS: Make the sexy beauty lie on her side with her arms bent in front, as she is your little spoon. Bend her legs at an angle of forty-five degrees to support her body. Lift her upper leg and go inside from any of the orifices you want to.