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As sex doll retailers, we always want to provide our customers with as much information as possible to help them make the best decisions for themselves.

Today we decided to write this article for you, in short, sex doll torsos are a lightweight, less expensive alternative to sex dolls with more realism and pleasure than fleshlights. It is the perfect inbetween option.

In this article we will try to tackle why you should buy a sex doll torso over a sex doll or a fleshlight, what options we offer for sex doll torsos, and the common reasons people usually purchase sex doll torsos.

Sex Doll Torso vs. Sex Doll vs. Fleshlight

There are three levels of realistic vagina-like sex products money can buy. They are the very popular fleshlight, a sex doll, or a sex doll torso.

The actual feeling your penis will have when entering either those types of products will be relatively the same depending on the quality of the product.

However, the actual experience changes from one product to the other:


A fleshlight is a simple tool to replace masturbation, its level of simulation is low as you are still using your hand to do most of the work. It is superior to masturbation but not as good as a sex doll or a sex doll torso.

A fleshlight will often be useful for travel or for people that live with roommates. A fleshlight is very discreet and can be concealed and carried from place to place very easily. It is a good option for those that regularly travel.

Sex Doll

A sex doll is the holy grail of sex simulation. It is the most realistic experience you can have of sex on your own. A sex doll is recommended for those who live alone or with people that wouldn’t judge. It is not easy to travel with and can be heavy to carry around long distances. A sex doll is recommended for those that have the money and want to use them regularly as they offer the best experience possible.

Sex Doll Torso

A sex doll torso is the compromise between the sex doll and the torso. It simulates sex at a medium level and most people who use sex doll torsos are quite satisfied by the experience.

Common Reasons to Purchase a Sex Doll Torso:

Sex Doll Torso Options:

Here at ShesDoll, we offer two wonderful options (with more to come) for sex doll torsos. These dolls are made with some premium TPE and are of a very high quality.

You will find immense pleasures in both these options. If you click on any of the pictures, you will be taken to the product page where you will find more information regarding sizes and weight. All our sex doll torsos come with three holes, one in the mouth, one in the ass, and one in the vagina for maximum pleasure.

Essentially, this says what we’ve been saying in this article, sex dolls are a better option than the traditional fleshlight.

Hopefully you enjoyed our article and it may have helped answer some of your questions.

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