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When you are buying a sex doll for a lot of money, you are probably interested in preserving her look for as long as possible. And trust us – you should. Proper care of your sex doll will extend their lifespan for many years, keeping her fresh, clean and sexy.

Below is our guide to keeping your sex doll in top condition.


What Cleaning Materials Should I use?

Cleaning your sex doll after use is actually a very easy process and can be completed in just minutes if you’ve got the right tools.

Here are the tools we recommend you can use them to keep your sex doll looking good as new.

How Often Should I Clean My Sex Doll?

Please clean your doll before it’s very first use to remove factory residue.
We recommend cleaning dolls after every sexual use in the key areas.
Dolls should be cleaned thoroughly every 2-4 weeks.

Be prepared to clean your doll routinely to avoid bacterial build up. It is even more important when it comes to cleaning a TPE doll. TPE is a very porous material, so if her vaginal, anal and oral cavities stay dirty for a long time, you will see some mold. This can cause some health problems, and you will have to replace the affected cavity right away.

How to Wash It to Remove Factory Residue?

It is unnecessary to ever take your doll to the bathroom to wash. To clean your doll simply all you need is the spray bottle, baby powder, and makeup brush. They say traditional baby powder can be unhealthy for respiratory risk.

So you can use also cornstarch. Cornstarch is nontoxic and food grade. Non-harmful to yourself, the doll or the environment. It can be mixed with flavored powder and licked off of her if you like!

Place your doll horizontally on a flat surface such as a bed or soft foam pad. Using the spray bottle make a soft soap mixture and mix. Use an empty bottle and make a mixture of normal hand soap/shower gel and normal water in a ratio of 1:5.

Spray her front half and wipe using a soft sponge or cloth, do this until her torso, arms legs have been cleaned. Dry her with the microfiber towel and then powder her to remove the tacky feeling to get the smooth skin feeling.

I strongly recommend dispensing the baby powder or cornstarch into a small container so it is easy to access and use the makeup brush to apply all over the parts you just cleaned her at. When you are done, flip her over and repeat the process to her back.

After washing off the doll with water and soap there can still be stains and more persistent dirt left on the TPE, which isn’t always very noticeable to the eye depending on light and the skin color of the doll.

You can get rid of most of this by stroking baby oil repeatedly in the same direction along one body part at a time, and you’ll quickly see how dirt is collected by the end of the strokes. Simply pick that dirt up with a fiber towel and repeat until it looks clean enough.

After cleaning the whole doll like this, you can continue to rub it all in again with baby oil and let it soak.

How Do I Clean My Doll’s Body After Use?

The actual process of cleaning can be a very therapeutic ritual. Many customers have found that the process can heighten the bond between you and your doll.

After washing, dry your doll thoroughly with a clean towel to remove excess moisture. Do not use a blow dryer as this can sometimes damage the skin, if the heat becomes too concentrated. It’s easiest to lie your doll on towels on a bed to allow to dry.

Optional, but recommended, you can apply baby powder to your doll’s skin after you have dried her. This will help remove any remaining moisture and keep her skin nice and soft.

Tips: Try spreading the legs and using a small fan to hasten drying.

How Do I Clean the Vagina/Anus/Mouth?

Cleaning her vagina, anus, and mouth is a delicate process with several techniques to expose these areas for cleaning.

Option #1

To clean any of the openings, we recommend using a water irrigator to spray into the opening, allowing the water to run out of the opening. To use one of these you simply fill it with soap and water then use it to flush out and clean your doll’s holes. Then insert cloth in the holes to absorb the humidity left.

We recommend that you do your initial flushing with cold water then switch to warm water and soap to sanitize. For best results, this should be done immediately after you’ve finished with your doll. Vaginal irrigators are easy to use. All that is required is that you move your doll to a place where the water can drain out of her and not make a mess.

Option #2

Alternatively, you can simply use a small swab sponge to clean manually with tepid soapy water. Insert the sponge using medical pincers into the orifice until it is clean. You can dispose of this sponge and repeat. After two swabs, the orifices should be clean, allowing you to insert a second dry sponge to remove any excess soap or moisture.

How Do I Clean My Sex Doll’s Face?

How Do I Dry My Doll After Cleaning?

Dry skin on your doll is extremely important after you wash her. When wet, the skin is much more prone to tears and abrasions.

Pro Tips for Easier Clean

The correct cleaning and maintenance methods are essential, for your doll to live a long and healthy life. So far we have covered what do to, below are a list of pro tips for easier clean.

1. Use a male or female condom during sex to contain fluid.

2. Purchase a doll with a removable vagina insert for easy cleaning.

3. For a fixed vagina, use a fan or insert tampons to assist with drying.

To dry the fixed holes, we suggest using tampons, one for the mouth and 2 for the vagina (behind each other) and 2 for the anus opening (behind each other).

Tampons are much easier to insert, soaking off the moisture, do not produce fluffs and can be easily removed with the strip. The tampons are soaking off most of the sperm-lube mixture. That allows you to move the doll without the fear that something drops out. You can remove the tampons after a few minutes.

4. For localised cleaning, a small spray bottle is great. Soap to water 1:5 mix.

5. We recommend using water-based lubrication for sexual intercourse with your doll.

But there are some people who prefer it without. Just decide for yourself. It is safe to use Vaseline or baby oil for lube alternative too. If you want to use regular lubricant, make absolutely sure it is water-based and not silicone-based because it could damage the TPE material.

6. There are certain cleaning products that will have a negative reaction to TPE. Antibacterial soap is recommended. If you are unsure about a cleaning agent, please contact us before using it.

7. TPE can easily tare when drying. As the TPE will be warmer than usual, please take extra care, as the material is more susceptible at this temperature. Only use a dry cloth for drying, remembering not to apply too much pressure.

It is very important that your doll dries naturally. Under no circumstances should any electric air dryer be used as this will damage the doll.

8. With all methods of cleaning, leave your doll’s legs slightly open, so that the vagina and anus are open to the air, and can dry naturally. Don’t leave your doll’s legs too far apart as this can cause damage over time.

9. When using powder or oil it’s best to hang your doll first or lay it down. Once you have successfully dried the doll, you can apply some baby powder on her skin, it will absorb any humidity left and improve the touch feeling.

All done. Your doll should now be clean and free from any bacteria or dirt.

Things to Avoid While Cleaning

Your doll’s hygiene is just as important, as your hygiene. If you skip cleaning up at the end of the night, you risk leaving behind stains and odors that can turn you off. Keeping her body clean and sanitized will make her last years and keep you healthy and therefore, happy!

How to Store Your Sex Doll?

There are a number of ways to store your doll. In order to keep your doll pristine, there is a set of criteria which you must adhere to:

Temperature – Sex dolls should be stored at room temperature, so avoid places that are too hot or too cold. Too much humidity is also not a good thing. Avoid bathrooms/ garages or other storage areas that can become damp or prone to mould.

Sunlight – too much sunlight will cause wear and tear to the TPE, causing the TPE to degrade faster than usual.

Dust – the skin of your doll will easily collect dust stick to it. We recommend storing the doll in a storage bag or in the original product box as dust can be extremely difficult to remove.

Avoiding Stains – If you are to store the doll in a storage bag, please be careful regarding the colors. As the doll will be in the storage bag for long periods of time, colors are likely to transfer from the bag if the wrong material is used.

Do not leave the doll on artificial or stained materials including leather sofas or in dark clothing for long periods.

Avoid leaving the doll in difficult positions for extended periods of time, the skin can become stretched and damaged and even split if not returned to a natural position after use. Natural is considered lying as though boxed.

When your doll isn’t in use, take care to store it carefully. It shouldn’t be left in a bent position between uses. This can cause warping. If you store it in a bent position for a long time, for example sitting or with her arms up, you will take the risk to make her skin folds look like scars even in normal position.

If you go long periods of time between uses, consider adjusting your dolls position from time to time. This will prevent wear on its structure.

Keep your sex doll out of reach of pets especially dogs. Your sex doll can easily sustain damages like bite marks and tears if it is chewed on or scratched by a pet.

Keep the doll away from open flames.

There are a few different sex doll storage options you can use to keep her ready for your next encounter.

Hanging position

This is THE most efficient way of storing sex dolls. Most sex dolls come with a hook in the neck part (the heads can be removed) which can be hung inside a closet just like your coat. This allows the doll to hand in a natural position, without the feet or body touching the ground.

In addition, this storage solution prevents the doll from direct sunlight and other accidental damages.

Make sure the closet rod is strong enough, which can handle the weight of the doll. You don’t want to hear a sudden thump in the closet and find a fallen sex doll.

Option #1 – Closet bar suspension kit. (Provided)

You get two separate hook kits. One hook supports the full weight of the doll’s body, while the other hook holds the head in place.

A suspension hook allows the doll to retain its joint and skeletal structure. It also prevents flattening of body parts, which can occur in other types of sex doll storage like putting it in a flight case or allowing it to remain lying or seated on your bed.

Option #2 – Industrial storage rack

An industrial storage rack is a better alternative for those who don’t have closets. These racks are large enough that you can store all your sex doll clothes and love doll accessories too. You may want to invest in a dust bag to keep your cloth sex doll safe from dust also.

Option #3 – Head stand

There are also head stands that you can buy, which will let you display her head right out in the open. Seeing her gorgeous lips and eyes every morning can put a spring in your step. These stands are also suitable for storing any extra wigs that you buy.

Laying position

If your bedroom is in a location away from direct sunlight and high temperatures, then storing your doll in the bed with you is a totally acceptable “storing solution”.

Beds are soft, and when laying on your bed, there will be no damage done to your doll. As long as the doll does not get any direct sunlight, high temperatures, or pressure against the skin. I know storing your new doll in the bed seems a very attractive solution at first. After all, who does not love a little cuddling and caressing in the bedroom?

For best results, place a soft pillow under your doll to prevent gravitational sagging – especially if it’s made of silicone or TPE.

Alternatively, you can lay it flat in a sex doll storage box or the original packaging box or a flight case.

Sitting position

Place the doll in a sitting position either on a chair or on the ground. The effectiveness of this storing solution largely depends on your doll, amongst other things.

If you have a doll with a high-quality skeleton which holds positions easily, then a sitting position should not be a problem, even without any fixing methods. However, cheaper dolls tend to move their positions ever-so-slightly after a long period of time, and this can cause the doll to fall out of their chair eventually.

I would recommend you to secure your sex doll to the chair somehow if you are planning to use the sitting position storing solution. This will prevent the doll from falling down and getting damaged accidentally.

However, you should be very careful with the fixing process, because too much pressure on the skin of the doll for a long period of time will inevitably cause damage. When your doll is in storage mode, it HAS to be without any extra added pressure.

Standing position

Standing (with support e.g. a pillow behind their backside against the wall) is also ok for some dolls that are not too busty or lying in your bed if you have a memory foam mattress.

Standing position, sitting position and laying position are not perfect for long time storage. It can cause potential sagging or deformation. Hanging position is the best option.

How to Handle, Move and Maintain Your Sex Doll?

Your lovely doll is finally here! You now need to learn how to move her around without hurting her. You also need to know how to take care of your sex doll. She is not that fragile, but you need to get some tips to take care of her better!

Watch Out When You Unpack The Sex Doll

We know how you feel when your lovely one finally arrived! If you use any tool to open the box, be extra careful when cutting the cardboard box. Be patient, the reward is very near!

When she is a whole brand new, her limbs are a bit stiff. After some time of moving, she will be fine. Watch out when you try to bring her out from the box, she could be a bit weighty. It’s hard for you to bend your body to lift her up.

If you don’t need the box, you can cut the box, then gently take her out easily and leave her on a chair or bed.

If you need the box, try to make her in a sitting position, then lift her up by holding her armpit, that will be much easier.

Place your arm around her back and the other under her legs which should be bent. Keep her arms centered and on top of her thighs when moving. A trick is to use an office chair with wheels to move her around.

Expert Tips to Handle and Move Your Sex Doll

Don’t Over Bend or Stretch the Love Doll More Than She Can Handle

Like a real girl, your love doll has her tolerance limit. When you stretch her arms, legs or bend her waist, you can feel it’s only up to a certain extent. When you feel it, please stop, that’s her tolerance limit, giving more pressure will definitely hurt her, it could either break the skeleton or tear her skin. If that happens, it’s unlikely you can fix it unless you send them to a workshop.

Do Not Leave The Sex Doll In An Odd Posture

Obviously, you can pose her the way you want, but please put her in a natural position after, like sitting, lying, or standing. Leaving her in an odd position will hurt her.

One of the really bad positions is doggy style, it will apply tremendous pressure on their knees. This position will definitely tear her knees. If you really want to do it, please do it on a soft bed, with extra blanket or pillows under her knees.

Never Leave Your Sex Doll Face Down

This is a bad position, it will hurt her face, breasts, and knees badly. Her face will be hurt, her breasts could be deformed and her knees will tear. Never do it even it’s only 1 second!

Use A Chair With Wheels To Move The Sex Doll Around

They are heavy, we have to admit with that, especially if you are new to sex doll, she could be too much for you to handle. If you are new to this, try to get a doll below 30kg / 50lbs. This is a good size and weight for you to handle. You need a chair with wheels, such as an office chair to move her around. That will be much easier for you.

Follow General Rules for Moving Heavy Objects

When handling or moving your doll, be sure to keep your back straight, bend with the knees and hips. The dolls are easiest to move when held vertical. We recommend wrapping both arms around the doll’s waist forming a ‘Bearhug’ position.

Do not lift the doll using any of the limbs or head, always hold the body. DO NOT throw over your shoulder as you could put pressure on the “spine”.

Traveling With Your Sex Doll

Some of our customers enjoy their dolls so much that they take them along wherever they go. If you are simply looking for some fun on the road, please know that there are several options for you. These are fairly portable.

Still, if you insist on taking a full-size doll with you, it can certainly be done. You simply treat it just as you would traveling with any large object that requires a bit of discretion. Many of our customers choose to ship their doll ahead of time.

This way, it is there for them when they arrive. Just be aware that you will likely have to handle your doll on your own. Neither the delivery person or travel staff will be willing to assist.

How to Maintain Your Sex Doll

TPE Rehydration

Once a month it is recommended to hydrate the entire doll with mineral oil to keep the doll factory new. Similar to washing your doll you apply baby oil on the front half of the body and wait approx 2 hours for absorption and flip the doll over and repeat. Be sure to remove baby powder first before oiling her body.

Vaseline can be used under high-stress areas such as the armpits, crotch, and vagina but requires approx. 12 hours for absorption. Vaseline and Nivea creme have a higher mineral oil content than baby oil. For hydrating the entire body, baby oil is the proper choice.

Avoiding Stains

One of the biggest problems we’ve heard from customers is staining. Both TPE and Silicone will very readily absorb any color from clothes.

If you use dark color clothes it is more likely than if you use clothes with lighter colors, especially when new. To prevent clothes from fading on the skin, be sure to undress the doll when not in use. Also, ensuring you have washed the clothes to minimize any risk of staining is paramount.

Only use clothing that is unlikely to transmit color. All clothing must be cleaned before dressing the doll, as this will prevent any stains. Once you are satisfied with the clothes and materials intended for the doll, you must ensure that the clothes are dry. If there is any excess water or damp on the clothing, it will stain the doll’s skin.

In fact, the above will apply to anything that comes in contact with the doll’s skin, so please take extra care when the doll comes into contact with any fabric.

Sex Doll Wig Care and Maintenance

To ensure long-term satisfaction and enjoyment, you need to maintain the attractive look of the sex doll.

This sex doll wig guide will narrow down to;

How to Perfectly Attach the Sex Doll Wig

There are three ways that you can attach a sex doll wig. These are;

1. Place the wig on the head.

However obvious this might sound, it is an ideal method to have your sex doll looking glamorous and attractive. The wig bought with the sex doll is tailor-made to fit the doll perfectly; the wig should remain intact for most activities. This is the most convenient and easiest method to attach a sex doll wig.

2. Use a wig cap and bobby pins.

For this method, you’ll need to purchase an appropriate wig cap and bobby pins from the store. Put the wig cap on the sex doll head first, before putting on the wig. Lastly, use the bobby pins to secure the wig against the edges of the wig cap. Four bobby pins should do it; one on the front, one on the back, and two on either side of the head.

3. Use a wig cap and a Velcro

Purchase the Velcro squares with an adhesive on both sides. Place one side of the square on the wig and the other on the inside of the wig. This way, when you place the wig on the sex doll’s head, the Velcro squares will keep the wig securely aligned on the head.

So, having looked at three of the most appropriate ways to place a wig securely on a sex doll’s head, here are some of the don’ts when attaching a wig on a sex doll;

Avoid dark wig caps. Always go for light-colored wig caps as the dark ones tend to leave stains on the doll when left for too long. This happens especially with dolls with a fair skin tone. And even if your doll is dark-skinned, experts still recommend a light-colored wig cap.

Avoid adhesives. Adhesives and glues can damage the scalp of your sex doll. They are messy, more difficult to remove, and might damage the skin of your sex doll. You don’t want this. Do you?

Avoid tight elastics or straps – Anything that is overly tight can leave permanent marks and indentations on your doll’s skin if left on for too long. Any solution you find should be snuggly fitting but not too tight!

How to Routinely Brush the Sex Doll Wig

Brushing is easy and will ensure that your sex doll maintains a beautiful long thick hair that attracted you to her in the first place.

So how do you go about brushing the wig?

1. Take off the wig from the sex doll. This protects the skin of your sex doll from bruises and makes the entire process easy.
2. Wet the wig with water. This goes without saying, dampening the wig makes brushing easier.
3. Gently Brush the wig. Start with untangling the knots with your hand and don’t force the brush through the hair. Gently brush the hair from the tips working up the hair. At this point, slight hair loss is normal.

How to Clean the Sex Doll Wig Well

The frequency of washing will depend on the material of the wig (synthetic or real hair). And while synthetic wigs do not collect as much oil as compared to real hair, make sure you also wash them after a while to remove the accumulated dust.


Maintaining a high-quality sex doll is easy when you know how. Many customers have asked about sex doll cleaning and we believe it is one of the most important roles to learn and perfect.

Sex dolls really are modern marvels. Engineers and artists both work very hard to create dolls that are both beautiful and functional. With a little care, the mechanics of your sex doll can work perfectly for years to come.